We slept on Since’93’s EP Buffalo when it came out back in October, and we’ve been kicking ourselves since.

A staple producer of Madison’s blooming hip-hop scene and also a member of emerging genre-fluid indie band Bien Bien, Since’93 has more than proven his musical prowess and influence over Madison’s music scene.

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On his Buffalo EP, however, Since’93 flexes a skill never seen before: rapping. It turns out the beatmaker’s got some bars.

The songs throughout the 12-track project are eclectic. It’s a collection of loosies more than a project, but that just gives it authentically home-cooked quality. Listening to Buffalo makes it easy to imagine oneself in the studio with Since’93 and friends like Rich Robbins, hearing them jam out tracks in between work on more structured tracks.

Still, despite the playful tone of the record, Since’93 exhibits some serious skills. The beats are as crisp as usual, funky and full of life. Since’93’s own rapping is impressive as well. Often laconic but plentifully wordy, he delivers subtle quips and references without falling off beat or seemingly breaking a sweat.

Rich Robbins also has a few appearances across the EP, blessing it with his verses  that manage to be both profound and comical — sometimes at the same time.

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With Buffalo, Since’93 has proven that he has the potential to shine all on his own. Hopefully he’ll do so over the course of a focused, more-structured project in the future.