HOT DAMN! Lewis Del Mar’s self-titled, debut album is nothing short of a rhythmic masterpiece, topped with irresistible vocals and jangly acoustic guitar riffs.

The up-and-coming band released their single “Loud(y)” in 2015, which started a fiery frenzy that shot them to the top of the charts. They released an EP and a few more singles to follow in 2016. This new album scooped up some of these previously released songs and added a few new additions.

The band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Danny Miller and drummer Max Harwood, has made their home in New York. The boys are coined as an electro-acoustic indie pop duo.

The music these two are making lives up to that, and is deeply rooted in the long relationship they’ve had since grade school. Their debut plummets listeners into a moody, rhythmic and downright feisty musical experience.

The album opens up with an immediately fast-paced drum beat atop a slower guitar riff, creating a unique dynamic of speed. The guitar then speeds up to create balance. The tempos fluctuate throughout the song.

This fluctuation remains throughout the album. The songs often start off soft and sultry, gradually growing until they burst at the chorus. Either that, or they start off with more of an upbeat beginning. Songs like “14 Faces” show off the slow starts, and ones like “Painting (Masterpiece)” present more of the opposite.

Lyrics in this album remind listeners of angsty teenagers, except here, it’s dreamy men with shoulder length hair and musical talent. They sing about truth, love, drugs and partying. What could be more relatable to college kids, am I right?

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The opening line to “Loud(y)” is as follows: “Can you please sit the fuck down?”

Sounds like we better sit the fuck down and listen to what Lewis Del Mar has to say.

The lyrics also provide intense imagery, such as, “everyone’s yelling, it’s cracking the ceiling, paint peeling like banana floor splitting”.

There was obvious intent of word choice here, and this thoughtfulness is reflected throughout the album. It’s easy to get lost in it through the lyrics, which are only intensified by the instrumentals.

Some of the songs sound pretty similar to one another, especially with the first listen. But, with many other albums, repeated listens help each song to become more distinct.

Lewis Del Mar is clearly a hot, up-and-coming artist, ready to knock you down with truth and pick you back up again with their sound. Though they are fresh artists in the scene, it’s clear that their skills have been ready to burst.

  • 4.5/5