Banks’ new record, The Altar, delivers head-bopping jams all the while containing personal lyrics of relationships and self-empowerment.

Previously detailing dark aspects of relationships on her debut album, Goddess, Banks’ now repeatedly reveals how she has grown stronger over the years on her sophomore effort.

For those looking for songs that reinforce the idea of personal strength and independence, Banks is the perfect choice. Her juxtaposition of lyrical poetry and catchy beats is what makes this album truly irresistible.  

“I fuck with myself more than anybody else,” Banks chants throughout the album’s second song, conveniently titled “Fuck With Myself.” This line perfectly sums up a main theme of the album: self love and independence. The song opens with a creepy yet mellow beat and has an even creepier video to match, but the message remains perfectly clear.

Self worth is also emphasized in “Weaker Girl,” where Banks admits she used to be weak, but the person she sings to is going to need to replace her. Banks no longer fits this role and wants that to be known for embodying strength, as she sings the chorus “I’m gonna need a bad motherfucker like me.” This contrasts her previous album, where Banks sang of allowing her lover to treat her poorly.   

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For songs to get you moving, check out “Gemini Feed,” “27 Hours” and “Trainwreck,” which have more electronic beats compared to her other songs. These songs get feet and are great for getting pumped  — especially when walking to class.

For more laid-back songs, listen to “Mother Earth,” which gives the listener a closer connection to Banks herself. The song has very calm background music, including a strumming guitar, which puts full emphasis on Banks’ voice and the lyrics. 

The strength of emotion is very evident in this record and makes listeners realize the passion Banks has for her music. “Trainwreck” shows the listener the moment in time when Banks realized she had to leave a negative relationship to save herself. She sings over and over in the chorus, “I had to get away.” Banks took pain and turned it into an artistic masterpiece.  

The Altar delivers everything Banks’ followers have waited two years to hear. Her vulnerability makes her more than an artist, transforming her into an inspiration. This album release is sure to build her fan base and make Banks a household name. Her next scheduled tour is in Europe, but her North American music festival circuit is sure to be fully booked.