The name “Ty Dolla $ign” doesn’t exactly scream political activist, so when he comments on the current election in the introduction to his new album, one might be caught off guard.

He even goes on to urge listeners to stick together and love one another, giving some inspiration during these troubled times.

Courtesy of Atlantic Records

But this maturity is short lived, as only a few songs later the same artist exclaims some unnamed girl is “fine and got ass and tits.”

While 31-year-old Ty Dolla $ign’s intentions are good on his latest album Campaign, his execution isn’t exactly up to par.

$ign considers himself part rapper part singer, and this versatility shines through in his music. “??? (Where)” is a synth/bass heavy banger, “Stealing” is a slower love song and “3 Wayz” is something in between. Although at times it’s tough to understand him when rapping, he has a surprisingly good singing voice (with some help from auto tune).

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While the album is enjoyable to blindly listen to, as soon as one delves into the lyrics it becomes bland. Excluding the intro, $ign raps strictly about women, alcohol, marijuana, cars and money. If listeners are willing to look past the lyrics and enjoy the music itself, Campaign is sure to please.

One strength $ign exhibits on the album is his ability to set the mood of a certain song. On “??? (Where)” he perfectly complements his featured group Migos, speeding up his tempo a bit while keeping his flow smooth. Quavo, a member of Migos, comes in choppy and loud after $ign’s first verse, creating a perfect contrast between the two.

Ty Dolla $ign uses the lack of a unified album feel to his advantage in Campaign, proving that an album doesn’t have to be just rap or just R&B. But at times it might be a good thing to test the waters in one extreme or the other, as sitting in limbo at all times gets a bit repetitive.

$ign hasn’t created a legendary album with Campaign, but he’s proven that with some work he could be someone to look out for in the future.

Rating 2.8/5