With the recent stream of discouraging debates, increasing police violence and growing cultural tension, Saxophonist, DJ and producer Grant Kwiecinski (GRiZ) aims to fight the forces of evil with the power of pure future-funk on Good Will Prevail.

SO STOKED TO ANNOUNCE MY NEW ALBUM “GOOD WILL PREVAIL” DROPS SEPT 23rd!!! This year has been particularly difficult. Too many times I’ve felt sick to my stomach watching the news or talking with my friends about what’s going on in the world. It seems like I can’t get a break from bad news. All this senseless violence, political unrest, cultural tension … got me feelin down..and often…helpless. I ask myself often what I can do to help out. So, I wrote this album as a reminder to me and to you that there is SO MUCH GOOD in this world! I urge you, focus on our collective LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. It’s up to us to keep that alive. Keep your head held high. I know things look real real bad right now, but no matter how dark it may seem or how discouraged you may feel, never ever give up! don’t curse the darkness, be a light, Good Will Prevail! <3 G

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In his fifth studio album, released on his own label All Good Records, the easy going, optimistic GRiZ unleashes his soulful take on electronic music. The multi-talented artist manages to appeal to a mass audience while also staying true to his unique sound and style by combining elements of jazz, funk, rock and dubstep. He then tops this with tasteful jazz lyrics and his own perfectly placed saxophone melodies.

An album as cohesive as Good Will Prevail is a rare occurrence in the modern electronic genre and an excellent introducer for the novice listener. Every song on the album contains lyrical content that will give anyone a cheerier disposition.

Without a doubt, a casual listen through Good Will Prevail will improve the quality of one’s day immensely. This album features only positive and uplifting lyrical content with vast fluctuations in mood and feelings. Songs such as “Rather Be Free,” “My Friends and I” and “Can’t Hold Me Down” are hard-hitting and anthemic.

Others like “Feelin Fine,” “Before I Go” and “Gotta Push On” have a calming effect with their soulful vocals and slow pace.

Many songs also feature complex drumming patterns and guitar solos that perfectly correlate with the futuristic beats.

GRiZ sets the tone for the rest of the album immediately with “Wicked” ft. Eric Cosno. The song begins slowly with saxophone goodness along with some captivating lyrical content and lively, guitar-infused beats.  In typical GRiZ fashion, the groovy  song transforms into a heavy dubstep style track.

“Can’t Hold Me Down” ft. Tash Neal of The London Souls, a heavy anthem of pure soul, is perhaps the most memorable song on the album. It begins with a guitar riff straight from the ’80s, and continues to mesmerize the listener with heavy instrumentals.

“What We’ve Become” Ft. Cory Enemy & Natalola is a testament to GRiZ’s growing versatility. The song has a lighter feel than others on the album with a continuous xylophonic, house beat. This provides the listener with a perfectly timed change from the future-funk that dominates the album.

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GRiZ has truly displayed his continuously growing talents as a producer and maintained his place among the absolute elites of the electronic industry with Good Will Prevail.

Following its release, he will be embarking on a tour throughout the United States, beginning with a sold out show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Oct. 1.