Aaron Maine, a.k.a. Porches, seemed to have a breakthrough as an artists with his release of Pool last year.

Since then he has visited Madison once, and is on his way back for round two with a show at the High Noon Thursday. The Badger Herald had the opportunity to interview Maine about looking back on Pool, his recent demos EP release, his plans for the future and more.

The following interview was edited for style and clarity.

The Badger Herald: You seem to play in Madison quite a bit. What is it that keeps you coming back?

Aaron Maine: I think Madison is really beautiful. We’ve met some nice people, and the shows have been fun.

BH: What happened that prompted synths to take center stage on Pool?

AM: I just got really excited about synthesizers. The sounds were so fresh, and I just wanted to get really familiar with them and see how I could use them.

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BH: As an artist, why do you release an EP like Water? What value does releasing unfinished versions of songs have?

AM: The demos are meant for people that have already listened to Pool. I think it’s always exciting to hear an earlier version of a song you like to just see where it came from. It’s not really meant to be listened to like an EP, just [as a] supplement.

BH: It’s been more than six months since Pool was released. We’ve been listening to it ever since. How do you look back on the project personally, is it one of your favorites?

AM: Yes, I am happy with how Pool turned out, and [I am] excited to keep going.

BH: What’s next for you in terms of recording? Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with anytime soon?

AM: I’ve been recording a lot since even before Pool came out. There are [also] some hot collaborations already. [My] dream collaboration is with Rihanna though. I think it will happen.