Madison’s Ted Park has always had a strong knack for simple yet poignant lyrics and virally infectious melodies.

Combining this with the experienced production of local, platinum producer DJ Pain 1 is a recipe for auditory bliss — and this is exactly what happens on the duo’s new track “Hello (Who Is This?).”

The song functions as an anthem for the recent wave of “new phone, who dis?” memes, where Ted Park expresses to an old flame that he’s as over her as she is to him — or is he?

On the track, Park opens up more than or as much as he ever had. The song is as catchy as past efforts like “I Know,” in no small part due to Pain 1’s stellar production, but this time with a tinge of sadness and a dash of regret. Park, however, ultimately finishes the track with strong resolve to continue his momentum forward rather than get stuck dwelling in the past.

Pain 1’s keys-driven production reinforces the themes of sadness, and the crisp, snare-heavy beat surges the track forward.

For fans of Madison hip-hop, this is a dream collaboration. Hopefully it’s one we’ll see again in the future.