If Tuesday’s cold, rainy day signified anything, it’s that summer is slowly coming to halt.

Bummer, right? Soon, there will be no more swimming in Lake Mendota, spending afternoons and evenings at the Terrace and especially no more tanning on Bascom Hill. In its place, we do get game days back, but we also get school, jobs and balancing the two. It is enough to make anyone cry.

Enter Purra and Knick Symo, two local artists who each have recently released the perfect jams to cure these season-shifting blues.

Purra is a new instrumental indie-rock outfit who released their debut track “dive, dive, dive” Saturday. There’s no lyrics to convey emotion directly, but an earthy guitar with another surfier and folkier part evoke memories of days spent out in the sun and splashing in the water.

Expect cool tracks from them in the future.

Knick Symo, on the other hand, has been around for a bit, and has four tracks to his name. His most recent release “Growing Old,” regales his tales of taking the leisure time summer offers to its fullest.

Whether it be about getting high off summertime vibes or falling in love with a summer fling, Symo raps enthusiastically with sing-song quality that has a hint of vintage Jay Z flow in it.

The beat on the track is downright catchy, featuring a bass-heavy drum groove and simple piano chords.

Hopefully these tracks will cheer things up a bit and if not, at least flannel weather is just around the corner.