For listeners looking for both sappy ballads and upbeat love songs, One Direction’s new album Made in the A.M. is the perfect fit. Though many are still heartbroken about Zayn Malik’s departure, this release is sure to revive them from their sadness.

The album features 17 songs; surprisingly lengthy for the timespan in which they produced the record. But compared to their other albums, this number of tracks is paralleled. The band has released five albums in the past five years, all featuring 16 to 18 songs.

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One Direction has displayed a rapid speed in which they are able to produce music, especially with this album, released less than a year after their previous Four.

Made in the A.M. presents an already well-known track, “Drag Me Down,” released earlier in July 2015. Instantly popular upon its release, the song is a preview to what the rest of the album holds.

Quieter, slow ballads alternate between feel-good dancing songs. Though different in pace, the songs all seem to have a common theme: love or heartbreak.

An example of a ballad, a tune titled “I Want to Write You a Song,” features lyrics saying, “[I want to write you a song] One that’s beautiful as you are sweet, with just a hint of pain for the feeling that I get when you are gone.”

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Following that track is a more upbeat song, titled “History,” which professes, “You and me got a whole lot of history, so don’t let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever.”

While the ballads leave the listener feeling slightly sad, the upbeat songs turn that feeling around. But sometimes the upbeat songs sound too happy to the point of becoming cheesy, like “Never Enough” or “Olivia.”

The album comes to a close with “A.M.,” the inspiration for the record’s title. The song features a renowned message — how the most honest parts of you are seen in the “a.m.” and that’s when the best conversations take place. It’s really easy to like this song with its message and its sound, but there is one small element that takes away from the track as a whole.

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While one is free to say whatever comes to mind in those early morning hours, the lyrics come across as crass. What comes out of asses is not heartfelt sentiments.

The album on a whole displays the talents of the 1D boys. Their charming voices, dreamy harmonies and love songs appear individually crafted just for you.

It can’t be denied that there are some beautiful lyrics and appealing melodies, even for non-One Direction lovers. If you need to get over a breakup, or cry about one, this album is perfect. But if not in the mood for crying or fangirling, hit next.