Valentine’s Day evening and at country takeover of Madison’s Orpheum Theatre took form as Kip Moore put on a lively and energetic concert alongside a swath of talented musicians.

After Canaan Smith pumped up the crowd with a few of his own songs and a cover of Nick Jonas’s popular new song “Jealous” and an intermission filled with impatience and Top 40 country songs a bright blue light emerged from a foggy haze that filled the stage.

Moore casually walked on stage with his guitar slung around his back, baring his arms in a white tank top and his signature backwards baseball cap.

He almost brought the entire crowd to its feet. However one reticent section only stood once Moore encouraged them specifically.

“I’m not gonna let you sit your ass down the whole time,” Moore said as the crowd cheered and even the single reluctant section rose out of their chairs and began to move and groove to the music.

The southern twang and rasp in Moore’s singing voice echoed through the venue hall as he proceeded to sing “Drive Me Crazy.” Moore dedicated the sassy track to the producers in Hollywood who he said have been preventing him from making the music he wants to and who have delayed the release of his new album.

His blue-collar, traditionally country personality continued to shine throughout the performance with his quirkiness and his comfortable command of the stage. The country star remained lively for the duration of the concert. He constantly moved around the stage and stood on the front platforms engaging in conversation with the crowd.

A girl in the front row tossed Moore a rolled up t-shirt with a note attached asking him to be her valentine. He agreed and followed up with a teasing comment.

“We’ll make out after the show,” he said.

Moore continued his love theme with the three stages of a break-up: sadness, the pissed-off stage, and the place and time out of nowhere where you’re no longer sad or angry. He followed these points up by singing “Fly Again.”

For his second to last song, Moore sat on a stool and played his hit from this past summer, “Hey Pretty Girl.” He ended the song dramatically by singing the final verse completely a capella with a single spotlight on him.

He wasted no time as the lights dimmed completely and the audience could only hear sounds of guitar riffs and sliding notes until the opening chords of “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” began.

Hands waved in the air and Moore danced around the stage and held out the microphone for the audience to sing the words to his most popular song.

To top everything off, Moore even gave Wisconsin his own personalized Valentine’s Day message. He mentioned his excitement to come back to Wisconsin and perform for all of his fans because of the gratitude he holds for all of them.

“This state has got a piece of my heart,” he said.