The release of Wiz Khalifa’s latest album, Blacc Hollywood, goes to show rap music these days has gotten hella trippy. It’s safe to assume Khalifa isn’t referring to a ride in a hot air balloon as he rings out, “Higher then we’re floating / Don’t know where we’re going.”

Though notorious for his rampant marijuana use, Khalifa has achieved a great deal in recent years simply through his musical talent. His music career began as early as 2005, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he achieved mainstream success with the release of Rolling Papers. Two albums later, Blacc Hollywood has been satiating fans with its suggestive themes and Khalifa’s signature chill flows. “We Dem Boyz” was released back in February of this year, but now has just less than 40 million views on YouTube. Khalifa’s remaining tracks are rising in popularity as well, suggesting a successful outlook similar to that of “We Dem Boyz.”

For most of his new album, Khalifa sticks to his characteristic sing-song beats, which unfailingly transform his vocals into a monotonous lull. In spite of this, Khalifa does provide a welcome reprieve from the sleepy tones through his featured artists. Ty Dolla $ign, Ghost Loft, Chevy Woods and Nicki Minaj all show up to supplement Khalifa’s drone. Vocals aside, Wiz Khalifa’s music is commonly distinguished by the repeated themes of getting high, sleeping with women and the ups and downs of living that rapper life. The songs “Promises,” “Ass Drop,” “Raw” and “So High” are especially marked by their reliance on the concept of sex and drugs.

As his music makes clear, Khalifa is quite open about his cannabis use. Almost every interview with Khalifa pays mention to the rapper’s intense liking of the drug. He said he spends $10,000 a month on cannabis.

The lyrics of “So High” are a testament to his unabashed weed use. He admits, over and over, “I get so high, I get so high.” The music offers little lyrical innovation. These things have been said thousands of times before. If Wiz Khalifa loves smoking so much, shouldn’t he find more poetic ways of dedicating his love for the plant?

With tired themes and monotonous vocals, Blacc Hollywood falls short of expectations for a new sound from Khalifa. The rapper’s last album O.N.I.F.C. felt a similar critical reception, yet managed to chart at number two on the Billboard 200. But alas, Blacc Hollywood has earned Khalifa his first No. 1 album. The future of rap is scary.

2 out of 5 stars