Hey there, you sexy badgers. As another semester and our time at the University of Wisconsin is coming to an end, we have decided to compile a rapid-fire list of 20 questions and answers that we have been asked over the years or we were once curious about ourselves. Like our professors have always told us, there is never a dumb question! Here we go.

1. What do you recommend when starting to try kink or BDSM?

LOTS of research about how to safely explore your kinks as well as listening to your gut and body. Take it slow.

2. What are some tips to give the best blowjobs/handjobs?

Every person is different, so it really depends on what they like. A few tips that every could probably use is to use an equal amount of both your mouth and your hands (using your hands gives your mouth a rest and adds variety); ask what the person likes because that is most likely how you will know to make sure he or she gets it; and don’t be afraid to try new movements or angles.

3. What tips do you have for introducing a third person into the bedroom?

First, make sure that both partners are completely in agreement that they want a third person introduced and that there are no feelings of jealousy present. Second, discuss what it is you want the third person there for and agree on it (watch your partner do them, only there to give oral, etc.). Third, discuss with the third person what exactly it is you want and have fun.

4. How would I go about finding people for an orgy?

While many people try to find orgy parties through sketchy avenues like Craigslist, this is not the safest way to do it. Try googling orgies in the Madison or Wisconsin area, and a lot of great organizations pop up that offer resources for finding orgy parties or other people who want to have an orgy. Also, there are a lot of great apps out there now that make it easier to find other people who want to give orgies a try, such as Tinder, Grindr and soon 3nder.

5. What tips do you have for having sex with someone who identifies as trans?

As with everything else, lots of communication. Every transgendered person is different and will be into different things. It’s important that you ask them what they like or don’t like. Never assume.

6. How would you respond if people call you a slut for sleeping with too many people?

How would you want to respond? I would tell them to STFU because I can do what I want with my body, just as it is their choice to do what they want with their body. Also, everyone has an opinion of how many is too many. There is no “right” number of people to have sex with.

7. Should sex ever hurt?

No. It can be rough, but not actually painful. Use more lube and try switching up positions until you find something more comfortable.

8. Is period sex OK?

Yes, it can be extremely pleasurable since there is naturally extra lube. If you are squeamish, do it in the shower! Make sure to use condoms though, since you can still become pregnant or get an STI.

9. Boxers or Briefs?

Go commando!

10. Is it possible to have too much sex?

If you still manage to have a life outside of sex and your partner is down for it, then no. Just make sure to create a balance.

11. Quickest way to heat things up in the bedroom?

Toys, trying out fantasies and porn.

12. I can’t orgasm with my partner, but I can by myself. Am I broken?

Nope, your body just doesn’t get off in that way. Try out oral, toys or new positions. Also, relax. Stress could be part of the problem.

13. Does size matter?

To some, but girth is where it is at.

14. Best first sex toy?

Bullet vibrators. They’re fun for men and women, cheap and easy to use and hide.

15. Can women really squirt?

Yep, this is not just a porn thing. It takes some practice and the correct angle, but it is absolutely possible.

16. How do I share my sex fantasy with my girlfriend?

Nudge them while you are sitting on your couch and say “Want to try…?”

17. What is rimming?

Giving some oral loving to another person’s anus.

18. What is the most important thing for good cunnilingus?

Multitasking. Get your mouth and fingers involved.

19. I am a man who likes anal stimulation through fingering a toys. Am I gay/bi?

Nope. Just a man able to recognize and admit to the wonders of anal stimulation. Own it.

20. Is it normal to be into ____?

What the hell is normal, anyways? If it makes you feel good and is safe, legal, and consensual, then who cares? Go for it!

Hump Day out, Badgers. If your burning sex questions were not answered in today’s column, then email them to [email protected] Good luck on finals and see you right back here next week! Until then, my darlings, keep it safe and keep it sexy.