With three weeks of class left and negative amounts of motivation, how can we possibly muster up the energy to look halfway decent? Set those worries aside and follow our fashion guide for the laziest three weeks of your year.

Week 3

Alright guys, 15 days of class left, let’s keep it together people. There is a sweatpants quota, so use it wisely. There is still a chance to make an impression on the people in your class, other than as that hungover girl who always comes in late, as the girl with the constant hand in the air or wherever you happen to fall on this spectrum. Since no one has realized how close finals are, they are still willing to be distracted by someone looking (even halfway) fabulous. At this point in the year, we all have something akin to a uniform; even Bucky has been wearing the same thing since 1940. Don’t deviate too much, just clean it up and make it count.

Week 2

We have deemed this experimental week. You will probably literally never see most of these people again (unless you are in a really small major, in which case they have no choice but to accept you), so let your freak flag fly. Wear your crocs with harem pants and that ugly thing you thrifted that you’re convinced isn’t an old crocheted couch decoration. Stop short of a costume or a onesie, but if you’ve been feeling stuck in a style rut you might as well take advantage of the situation. Cheat on your usual normcore wardrobe with something edgy: Wear a three-piece suit or even try some wild new make-up (anyone seen the Urban Decay neon palette?). It doesn’t matter, because by next week, literally everything to do with this class will fly out of everyone’s minds (just in time for the final).

Week 1 (Finals Week)

This is the week of the maxi dress. No one wants to wear pants but no one has time to shave. It’s too hot to wear sweats or leggings, and at a certain point wearing workout clothes ruins the motivation needed to take a test. Throw on a long dress and feel like a real person, whip your hair into a messy bun and add a necklace. You’ll look put together enough to think you might just ace the exam, comfortable enough to actually concentrate on it and if the necklace is big enough no one will notice you haven’t washed your hair all finals week. Note: Extra points to any boy who tries this one.

Style on, Badgers.