Last Monday evening, I had the pleasure of solving the mystery of what Which Wich sandwich shop, located at 411 State St., is all about. As I approached the establishment, I noted the colorful yellow decor on the outside of the building. There was a mystery in the establishment’s title. I was intrigued and uncertain of what I would discover as I walked in.

My group and I were graced with music that sounded as though it were a pre-teen style of rock, an unrecognizable tune that sounded like a cross between Fall Out Boy and The Rocket Summer.

Almost immediately after entering the shop, the five of us were eagerly greeted by Dave, a worker at Which Wich. If I wasn’t excited to enjoy a sandwich dinner already, this guy sure hyped me up for it. The quirky worker went through the entire process of how to order a sandwich.

First, the customer must choose a paper bag, listing options ranging between meat, seafood or vegetarian. You mark the bag, Scantron-style, with your personal choice of toppings.

After Dave finished his long-winded spiel about how to create your own ‘wich, I was overcome with a feeling of anxiety. The pressure was on to create an awesome sandwich that was just for me. These choices were overwhelming, yet the freedom was exhilarating. When I finally came to the realization that this was merely a decision on what type of sandwich to order, I calmed down rather quickly.

Taking one of the paper sandwich bags from the spinning racks, I began my decision-making process by filling out the Scantron-style order form. I spent about five minutes trying to decide what kind of bread, meat, toppings  wanted. There were many to choose from.

This sounds more stressful than it actually was. It was nice to be able to build a sandwich from scratch depending on what I was feeling that evening. There was no need to worry about being a nag or a nuisance for being picky because I could ask for whatever I wanted.

That being said, it was a picky eater’s paradise.

Being the boring and bland consumer of food that I am, I opted for the turkey ‘wich on whole wheat bread. In my add-ons, I included lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. But given the circumstances and vast array of options that were offered to me, I decided to throw a little pesto on as well.

After ordering and receiving our freshly toasted meals, I began asking my friends what they thought of their ‘wiches. One friend claimed, “I think it’s better than Potbelly’s.”

Another friend glorified his steamy-cooked breakfast sandwich, which was filled with the savory tastes of sausage, steamy egg and melt-in-your-mouth cheese. I tasted his sandwich, and I would agree that the combination of the toasted breakfast ‘wich was highly satisfying.

As I bit into my decorated whole-wheat turkey pesto, I too was pleased with the assemblage of my personalized “Elise Wich.” The ratio of sandwich elements in comparison to each other was above par. One ingredient did not overshadow any of the others.

Which Wich is all about promoting “good vibes,” which are discussed in-depth on its website. The franchise aspires to give each customer his or her own set of positive feelings every time he or she visits the restaurant.

Aside from some pushy encouragement to sign up for the rewards program offered by the shop, it was a pleasurable experience. I most definitely experienced some “good vibes” through the helpfulness and good attitudes of the staff. Not to mention that my taste buds were satisfied and my belly was full.

This is a great place for a late Saturday night or a quick meal between classes. Which Wich is fast and cheap and has the potential to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Now that the mystery is solved, it’s time to find out which ‘wich is your ‘wich.