Hey there, all you sexy people. If you want to take a break from mentally preparing yourself for impending finals, Katherine and Elizabeth have decided to bring you a list of destinations that you do not want to miss out on exploring when it comes to finding goodies for the bedroom. Katherine has the scoop on fun hot spots that are easily accessible to those who can’t stray far from campus, and Elizabeth has got your back if you don’t mind venturing to other areas of the city to find what you and/or your partner may be in the mood for.

Red Letter News Adult Entertainment Center

2528 E. Washington Ave. (east side of Madison)

When I first came to Madison, I remember passing this dingy-looking building quite a bit, wondering what kind of icky interior and creepy customers must be on the inside. Many times, however, these places are not always what they appear to be on the outside. When I finally decided to check it out, this place was no different. After I finally figured out how to get into the store (the rear of the building FYI) I was pleasantly surprised by the super-clean and easy to-navigate layout. The store area was much smaller than I thought it would be, although this didn’t have an effect on the great selection of goodies that they had available, such as lingerie, massage oils, lubricants, dildos, tie downs and more. While I have visited adult stores that have a much larger array of choices, I find that those places can be somewhat overwhelming — especially for those of you who may not be as familiar with the sex toy industry or are just starting your collection of sexy-time companions. This atmosphere is much more intimate, and the staff are incredibly friendly and open to any questions you have. I encourage you to check this place out for a smaller but great variety of reasonably priced toys.

Contours Lingerie

6102 Mineral Point Rd. (west side of Madison)

One of the most important things that a person can do to have more positive sexual experiences is to feel confident and sexy in the bodies they have. Contours Lingerie is a wonderful place to help you accomplish this by providing lingerie you will love and feel comfortable in. The super friendly staff are committed to helping every woman feel sexy in their own bodies and are there to help you navigate their very large collection of lingerie and sleepwear. You are guaranteed to find a bra that makes you feel like the sexy vixen you are because they have dozens of styles and cup sizes that go from AA to J. They’re pretty reasonably priced — most are about the same or even less than the average price of a Victoria’s Secret item. But with Contours Lingerie, you have the benefit of getting lingerie that fits perfectly to your individual body. This store is a hidden gem that I wish I had encountered much sooner than I did, so I encourage you to stop in as soon as you can!

Sex Out Loud

333 East Campus Mall Suite 3143

Chances are you have seen a Sex Out Loud flyer, experienced one of their awesome workshops or know a condom conduit in you dorm. However, you might be missing out on a plethora of sexual resources and safe sex supplies if you have never been to their office. Walking into the office, you are greeted with a judgment-free atmosphere and trained staff that will answer any and all sex questions for you. While you’re grabbing your free lube, glow-in-the-dark condoms, dental dams, etc., make sure to look over their library of educational and erotic literature. Selections range from the “Big Book of Sex Toys” (which I highly recommend) to the “Human Sexuality” textbook written by two of our very own professors here at Madison (which I also highly recommend). Finally, check out their amazing workshops that cater to every taste and experience level, from Birth Control 101 to Kink, and perhaps schedule one for you and a group of your friends. Sex Out Loud is an invaluable resource on campus as well as a great source of safe sex supplies. And it only costs each student $2.36 each semester, less than the cost of three condoms!

The Internet

Many of our dear readers may feel too awkward to visit a physical location and ask strangers for help in choosing the right product for their sex lives. Believe me, I used to be right there with you. Due to this, many turn to the Internet to browse discreetly for whatever it is they require to get their juices flowing. This is all fine and dandy if you know exactly what you want; however, I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on websites to stock up your toy box. Besides the normal “buy local” mumbo jumbo, there are many benefits to brick and mortar stores specific to sex supplies. For one, looking through shelves allows you to find items you may not have searched for online and never even knew you wanted. Furthermore, getting to see firsthand the size of that dildo, the girth of that butt plug and the fit of that lingerie is necessary to find the perfect item for you. “Eight inches of realistic-feeling silicone” may sound super and all, but getting to measure that up to your arm may change your mind. Finally, the descriptions of an item online may not be perfect, and being able to read labels and ask questions will allow you to avoid dangerous phthalates and locate well-made items worth your money.

Alright badgers, that’s all for today. Make sure to go out and relieve the sexual frustration that comes with finals by buying something extra special for yourself. Until next week, stay safe, stay sexy and keep sane. We’re almost done.