Electronic DJ and producer Gramatik is bringing his signature funky tunes to the Majestic Theater Wednesday for a show that’s been a long time coming.

Gramatik was forced to cancel his highly anticipated show at the Orpheum last November because his tour bus had issues handling adverse weather conditions on the road. Now, he’s returning with an arsenal of new songs off his new album, The Age of Reason, and he promises it’s going to be epic.

His Twitter bio says he is a “part-time musician and a full-time comedian,” but Gramatik has some serious ability to produce mega-catchy tracks. The Slovenian-born producer has been putting out sample-based electronic music since 2008, and his style has greatly developed over the years. Gramatik blends smooth guitar licks, synths and hip-hop beats to create a soulful, original sound that’s practically a genre of its own.

He is joined on stage by guitarist Eric Mendelson, who frequently performs live alongside Gramatik and lays down impromptu jams. Gramatik said the multi-instrumentalist Russ Liquid will also be playing with him throughout the night.

Gramatik has released two albums on fellow electronic producer Pretty Lights’ label, Pretty Lights Music. Recently, Gramatik split from PLM to form and run his own label, Lowtemp. He released the 15-track The Age of Reason on Lowtemp January and kicked off his spring tour on March 31.

Performing with him on tour and at the Majestic will be BRANX, Gibbz and Russ Liquid, all having released music on Gramatik’s label in the past several months. It’s sure to be a groovy Wednesday night in Madtown.