Tired of endless papers and midterms right after spring break? Want to add something fun to your monotonous school life?

Here’s your chance to break away from it all and experience some of the best in visual art: Global China Connection Madison (GCC) is holding a Micro Movie Festival at the Chazen Museum of Art Saturday at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.). While other people continue to watch two-hour-long movies, you can say no to such normative trends by checking out 15- to 20-minute-long “mini” movies, where story plots are more compact but characters still retain their “fullness.” There will be seven micro movies in the presentation, one of which is made by guests from the University of Minnesota. At the end of showing, judges will choose the “Viewers Choice” from the seven pieces.

GCC is a small organization on campus that is family-oriented at its core. The organization is divided into several families, and each family has parents and children. It’s an innovative and effective way to run an organization and fosters close relationships with others.

The Micro Movie Festival is open to the public. The content of each movie is diverse, ranging from love stories to thrillers to horror films. With the films, the GCC attempted to endow meaning to pieces of work so that audiences not only come out of the event entertained, but also emotionally affected.

Making movies is not an easy process. Few of the students who created these films have experience directing or acting. But with tremendous passion and painstaking learning, they have made their own personal masterpieces. Watching peer-made micro movies is a way to experience the up and downs of this process, to understand the tears and joys of making films.

Don’t hesitate to grab is opportunity to experience the uniqueness of the Micro Movie Festival.

Admission is $5.