Spring is here, spring is here! OK, maybe that’s just us being a little overly excited, but we have seen sunshine peek its beautiful face out a few times now, and that’s getting us riled up for spring fashion trends. Here are a few of our favorite trends for those glorious spring months.


1. The New Oxford

For spring 2014, Alexander Wang showed this amazing collection of reinvented button-downs, which has revitalized the classic for spring. Zara, being the fast fashion maven that it is, has already created a few knock-off versions for you to own. Rocking the same trend at 1/10th the cost (here and here). If midriff baring work-wear is too big of a step, Nina Ricci had tuxedo shirt-inspired pieces on the runway. Not as innovative, but your business interviews will be more likely to go as planned.


2. Sandals

Yes, we know sandals are in every year. However this year, the trends are coming with some styles you did not expect. Ever since Celine showed those horrendous fluffy feathered birkenstocks last year, birkenstocks have become on trend. “Glory, Hallelujah,” your feet will cry when, instead of slipping into a pair of strappy-heeled death-trap-like sandals, you put on a pair of birkenstocks or, even better, bejeweled tevas a la Prada. If you don’t happen to own a pair of birkenstocks, Zara is selling their own version. –PM

I know it’s in, and I know it’s trendy, but I just can’t quite get on board this one. If you want the comfort, I say make like the original hipster and wear original Birkenstocks, since you liked them before they were “cool.” Plus, they look best when you look too cool to follow the trends… –ML


3. Artsy Fartsy

Always ones for new patterns, we were very excited to see the wild paintbrush patterns that Celine showed for Spring 2014. And rather than be tied down to one artistic movement, Giles used Glen Luchford’s rather dark photography in place of the typical bright spring textiles, while Chanel’s runway featured what was essentially the readymade. Whatever the artistic movement, don’t us fashion-obsessed consider clothing to be wearable art already? Literally wearing art seems to be the natural next step. This trend is slightly more difficult to rock than the Birkenstock (though to be honest, neither is easy to pull off), but have no fear: spring is all about new beginnings. When wearing anything bright and patterned, it’s crucial to keep the rest of your outfit minimal, if you are wearing an artsy style top, wear it with plain skinny jeans and neutral accessories, unless you’re Iris Apfel, in which case you’re too cool to be restrained by such rules.


4. DIY

Welcome to the easiest knock-off Chanel bag you could ever dream of. When Karl Lagerfeld showed his collection for Chanel that included a backpack sprayed with the double C logo, fashion students everywhere died (“Wait, why couldn’t I have done that?!”). It should come as no surprise given that Karl is the (secret) king of kitsch, but it doesn’t make us feel any less silly for not beating him to it. So the choice is yours: pay a few thousand for a backpack you could LITERALLY make yourself or go to this website and make your own.


5. Metallics

This might be one of our favorite trends for spring. It’s so easy, and so instantly chic. It also has the easiest transition from night-to-day, for those spring days when you’re stuck studying until late at College Library but want to meet your friends for a drink and don’t have time to change. For some, this is the trend that finally saves you in such sticky situations. For some of us lazier fashion lovers, it is simply giving us a solid explanation for why we refuse to change between class and nightlife. Slip on a metallic pleated skirt with a plain v-neck or graphic tee and you get instachic.