Throughout openers Slim Brit and Gems, the Thursday crowd was a low-key collection of 20-something fans sparsely milling around the stage. It seemed as though Classixx was going to play for a handful of fans that came to merely chill. However, as Classixx’s set neared closer, the Majestic Theatre became packed with a crowd of energetic young people restless for Classixx to deliver their signature indie synthpop tracks. And they did not disappoint.

As they moved throughout their set with a variety of songs ranging from slow rhythms to upbeat pop, the crowd never lost its energetic nature as everyone moved in rhythm to the catchy beats of each song. Even though many of Classixx’s songs feature a minimalistic collection of rhythms, the crowd remained a constant buzz of energy throughout. However, when Classixx picked up the tempo and played their tracks of energetic beats, the crowd exploded into an electric frenzy of dancing, moving to the simple yet vibrant beats of the indie pop duo.

This electric energy was highlighted during Classixx’s oldest hit “I’ll Get You,” with its punchy beats and playful repetitive lyric of “Do you like bass.” When the widely popular song “Holding On” started revealing its consistent forceful beat, the crowd uniformly went into an uproar of excitement, shouting the simple lyrics and rocking to the fast-moving track. The accompanying strobe lights added an EDM vibe that perfectly coincided with the atmosphere.

Classixx provided more for fans than popular tracks from their album Hanging Gardens. Their remix of Phoenix’s “Lizstomania” added intricate electronic beats to a classic rock song, which the crowd responded to positively.

An unexpected surprise was the presence of a screen that displayed psychedelic images adding to the electronic vibe Classixx was able to deliver. Classixx also had Sarah Chernoff sing live during “A Stranger Love” which was an added bonus as many of their songs have featured artists. The unexpected moments of their performance kept the crowd interested until the very end of their set.

Even though the rhythms and beats found in Classixx’s tracks do not have the same insane beats as most EDM artists out there, Classixx performed with the same energy found at typical electronic music raves. It’s a huge feat that Classixx was able to create an atmosphere loosely related to a rave, but without the huge bass drops and the ringing ears the next day.