Following weeks of stalking images from fashion weeks all around the world and wishing that Fresh Market would turn into the Chanel Fall RTW supermarket, Madison’s fashion week is finally upon us. Moda Magazine is hosting the University of Wisconsin’s Fashion Week for the third straight year, bringing the fast-paced glitz of Paris, New York and Milan to the Midwest. Moda Magazine is a part of Pubcom and the go-to campus magazine for fashion, lifestyle, beauty and social life at UW.

Moda Magazine’s third year has been revolutionary for the publication. The magazine is still young, and the staff has been working on growing a following both on campus and in the Madison community through online and print work. For their third year hosting the UW Fashion Week, Editor-in-Chief Chloe Karaskiewicz, Fashion Director Marlee Katz and the Moda Fashion Week team have been working hard to make this year a celebration of this expansion.

This year has been even more meaningful for those who have been with Moda Magazine from the beginning.

“When the current editorial staff, myself included, joined Moda two years ago, we were a small online publication with a few hundred views a month and maybe five consistent writers,” Karaskiewicz said. “Over the course of our involvement, we watched Moda grow to produce UW Fashion week and biannual print issues, expanding more each year.”

The UW Fashion Show is the grand finale that will wrap up a week of style. It includes a blogger panel, a guest speaker and a fashionable event highlighting the work of UW students. The show will take place on March 7 at 8 p.m. at Union South. Katz and her team have put together what looks to be an amazing show, featuring looks from Twigs, Bop, Francesca’s Collection and local designers, as well as hair and makeup looks created by the Paul Mitchell School.

Katz is excited to share the fabulous final product. “Last year we had over 400 in attendance and we expect an even better turn-out this year,” she said. “It gives something to Madison that is missing: a fashion outlet for students and the community.”

That “something” is a little bit of much-needed mid-March glamour.

“The finale show has always been the icing on this week, and this year’s show will be no exception,” Karaskiewicz said.

Sounds like a good excuse to whip out the stilettos (or suit coats) on a Friday night.

For a full list of the dates, times and locations of the events happening during UW Fashion Week head to Moda’s Facebook page.