Best Dressed Women

Kate Hudson (Atelier Versace)

Mekea Larson: Looks like a very tame version of Björk, not necessarily a bad thing. She joined the list when I realized she had a removable cape.

Phebe Myers: I love it. I think she looks chic but fashion-forward at the same time, which no one else really did for this Oscars.

Lupita Nyong’o (Prada)

PM: I am obsessed with her. She literally can do no wrong on the red carpet.

ML: She looks ethereal. The pleats get me, and given that it’s a custom dress, she seems to know what works for her.

Portia de Rossi (Naeem Khan)

ML: I can see so much of her body, and it is classy as hell.

PM: Hellooooo, Ellen’s wife. The dress is beautiful.


PM: Lupita.

ML: Tie, Kate vs. Lupita. I can’t.


Best Dressed (men)

Jared Leto (Saint Laurent)

ML: White suit, tuxedo stripe on those pants, red tie, ombre hair … Killin’ it on the trends. And the eyes…

PM: OK, Jared Leto is beautiful. But, Benedict Cumberbatch (Savile Row designer Spencer Hart, not confirmed) all the way. What can I say, I have a thing for Sherlock.

Most Valiant Attempt at Originality (men)

ML: Pharrell’s little shorts (Lanvin). But hey, it’s better than the hat (Vivienne Westwood) he stole from Indiana Jones, and I’ll forgive anyone who gets Meryl Streep to shake what her mama gave her.

PM: I loved Pharell’s hat! I give this award to no one. I was so disappointed. Hardly anyone took risks.

Hilary Clinton Doppelgänger

Jennifer Lawrence (Dior)

ML: The peplum is not fashion forward, it’s a disappointing poor attempt at a grown-up version of the gown she wore to the Oscars in 2011.

PM: So disappointed that this gorgeous woman who must have Raf Simon on speed-dial looked so predictable.

Oscar Statue Look-Alike Award

Kristen Chenoweth (Roberto Cavalli)


Biggest Win

Matthew McConaughey (Dolce & Gabbana)

ML: Because his wife is hot.

PM: And that dress (Gabriela Cadena): so chic. We love it. And also what an adorable couple.

Most Gorgeous Please Call Me

Joseph Gordon-Levit (Calvin Klein) was beaten out by Jared Leto. It was close … and then Jared Leto thanked his mother and gave her his pizza. Now that’s true love.


Best Shoes

Michael B. Jordan (Givenchy suit and shoes)

ML: The metal-capped shoes have been seen on street-style blogs everywhere. It’s nice to see some edge on the gents at the Oscars.

PM: Michael B. Jordan because Friday Night Lights. #nuffsaid

Classiest Gent

Kevin Spacey (Burberry)

ML: Mixing black and navy has been trending on the runways and in street fashion; his incorporation of this trend into his red-carpet look is a subtle nod to the fashion world.

PM: He’s one of my favorite actors of all time, but I can’t look at him without being terrified. However, that tux was very classy. Francis Underwood would be proud.

Worst Dressed

ML: Might be Kerry Washington (Jason Wu). I want to love her, but it looks like she is wearing her bed sheet.

PM: Oh my gosh, I can’t put her on this list. I love her too much. Definitely not my favorite outfit she’s ever worn, but my vote is going to have to go to Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth’s wife.

Most likely to replicate the scene from “Alien” in which the alien bursts out of a woman

Elsa Pataky (Elie Saab)

PM: I mean what. WHAAT? You are married to a Hemsworth, and you are gorgeous. Please just wear something less horrid.

Please Be My Fairy Godmother

PM: Ellen Degeneres. God, I love her. She made for an amazing host, and though all of her different tuxes were chic, her Glinda the Good Witch outfit won our hearts.

PARTING COMMENTS: Overall the Oscars was a hilarious and fun-filled evening. So many new faces won, and Ellen made for a fantastic host. As for fashion, we were disappointed. This is arguably the biggest celebrity fashion event of the year and almost everyone bored us to tears. Although we’re thankful that there were no nude strapless mermaid dresses, the fashion still played it pretty safe. Actresses, you have designers begging you to let them dress you. Make it count! Next year, we hope for more.