Hey there Badgers!

We hope your week has been treating you well and, if it hasn’t, we hope we can help with that. We’ve talked quite a bit in the past about solo sex and the best toys on the market, but we haven’t talked about getting your pleasure on by yourself – or even with a partner – by using items that you probably have lying around. Not only are many of these cheap or free, but they are highly underestimated and can do the same job as a pricey toy. Try them out and think of other creative ways you can get your sexy on.

A multipurpose showerhead

Who knew you could be clean and dirty at the same time? If you have a detachable showerhead, you might want to start taking longer showers. Every setting on these showerheads usually has some amount of vibrating power, although your best bet is to put it on the high-powered jet stream to really get some vibes going. Turn the showerhead over so the back is facing you and use it rub on any sensitive areas that will make you ooh and ahh. Try your clitoris, nipples or that spot between the ball sack and asshole called the perineum – or the male G-spot.

Cell phone

Nowadays your cell phone does pretty much anything you want it to – from finding the nearest Taco Bell to Facebook chatting your group for a class project – so why can’t it help you with sexy time as well? It can, and not just because it’s a conveniently small device that you can plug your headphones into so your roommate doesn’t know you’re actually watching porn on it. If you’re in a crunch and don’t have the time or money to buy a vibrator, the vibration feature can do more for you than let you know you have an incoming message. It can also do the same as the showerhead above. Pick a setting so your phone will vibrate for long periods of time – like having your partner use his or her phone to call yours or pressing the volume button down continuously – then use it to hit those sweet spots we mentioned earlier. Some apps you can download are made specifically for this purpose! This is a good option for solo sex, but you can also use it with a partner and take turns using it on one another.


Blindfolds are the perfect way to spice up your regular sex routine, but why buy an expensive one when you can use what you own? Grab your scarf, tie it around your partner’s eyes and lead your partner to the bed for some extra-sensual fun. By removing one of your partner’s senses, all of the others will be heightened and your partner will be able to concentrate solely on the pleasure you’re giving them. To really take advantage of your partner’s temporary blindness, take it slow and make your partner feel each and every stroke and kiss to the fullest. For even more fun, explore some light bondage play and use extra scarves or a tie to restrain your partner’s hands.


If you’re a teensy bit of an exhibitionist or have ever wondered what you look like during sex, try having sex in front of a mirror. You can bring one into the bedroom, try a standing position in front of the full length mirror or have sex leaning over the bathroom counter. Mirrors provide a way to make eye contact with your partner no matter what position you enjoy, and they also allow a unique opportunity to actually watch as you have sex. You can watch muscles flex and breasts jiggle in a way that a first-person point of view doesn’t allow. However, to do this and enjoy it, I give you one word of advice: Sex looks funny, people make funny faces and people do not have sex like porn stars. It is OK to laugh at yourself, and a willingness to do so is what will make sex in front of a mirror work.

Electric toothbrush

If you are too embarrassed to buy a vibrator but still want some good vibrations, check out an electric toothbrush. They’re getting relatively cheap, and you won’t feel bad spending money on something that is actually useful and probably needed. (Seriously, when is the last time you replaced your toothbrush?) Plus, no one will be able to find your secret stash of sex toys. To use, place the handle against your clitoris or perineum, turn on and feel the pleasure of plaque-fighting power. The extra nice thing about these is they are frequently rechargeable, so you won’t have batteries dying in the middle of playtime.

Did we fail to mention your favorite incognito sex toy? Share it with the world in the comments below or email us at [email protected]! Until next week, stay safe and stay sexy.