Happy Hump Day, Badgers! Whether you’re single, Facebook official or have been with someone so long you can’t even remember exactly how long, you’re probably in the process of trying to figure out what to do this Valentine’s Day weekend. For some of you, it’s probably not a big deal. Some of you may even despise it. But don’t let the haters stop you from having a great time this weekend or missing out on a ton of great deals and free events. Katherine and Elizabeth are here this week to tell you just how you can do that, Cupid and red hearts be damned.

Let’s start by talking about the obvious choices: dinner and chocolate. Many places across town are having specials for Valentine’s Day, and deals are nice. You don’t need a significant other to take advantage of these deals, and this weekend may be the perfect opportunity for you to try a nicer place in town without the huge hit to your wallet.

Katherine recommends making reservations at Porta Bella (right off of State Street), which is running a great deal this entire weekend: You can get a three-course meal with steak or lobster ravioli for $25. If you’d rather stay in than try to get through the masses all trying to eat out this weekend, Metcalfe’s out at Hilldale Mall has heart-shaped steaks and other cheesy-themed grocery items marked down. Pick something up and create your own classy but much cheaper, dinner at home. Finally, for unique chocolates Katherine also recommends stopping into DB Infusion Chocolates, also at Hilldale Mall. This chocolate shop lets you buy exactly as many pieces as you want, though the larger amounts can be pricey. However, one of their chocolates easily trumps a whole heart-shaped box of some-brand-or-another from Walgreens. You can get flavors like Exotic Carmel, Raspberry Chipotle or even His and Her Aphrodisiacs to kick-start an exciting evening.

While dinner, roses, and chocolate are all great things—especially when combined—don’t think you have to go along with this spendy cliché that will probably get you eating ramen noodles for the rest of the month. Whatever your relationship status, Elizabeth says there are plenty of things to do around Madison this weekend that won’t put you in a financial crunch.

1. Netflix. Wine. Sexy time.

You don’t even need to leave the house for this one. I’m sure many of you wouldn’t miss the chance to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to watch all of the seasons of your favorite show on Netflix in one sitting, so do it. Order in some Chinese, open up a bottle of wine that you fully intend to finish before you go to bed and let the marathon begin. The best part about this is that you can stay in your bed all night, which means sexy time—whether it’s with your favorite partner or a favorite toy—can start whenever you want without having to figure out the best way to say let’s go to the bedroom.

2. Screw romance, go for fun!

Attend one of the many awesome events that will be going on in our awesome city of Madison. Elizabeth and her partner will be heading over to the Comedy Club on State to get their laugh on with Owen Benjamin. There’s also a band, The Goodie Two Shoes, playing a free show at the Rathskeller at the Memorial Union that would be great to see with friends, by yourself or with a partner. For those of you who still want that rebellious “I hate Valentine’s Day” theme, the Majestic Theatre is the perfect bet. Madison’s Mix 105.1 is hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day Ball for you to get your dance on and let your dislike for cupid and his arrows show.

3. Treat yo self.

Valentine’s Day is a day about love, so instead of hating on it, Katherine says spend the day showing yourself some love. Get that haircut you’ve been meaning to, or go find the most decadent dessert in existence. Grab a cheap packet of bubble bath from The Soap Opera on State Street and a bottle of wine and relax in the bath. If you want to crank the heat up to 11, make a quick run to A Woman’s Touch and pick up a new item for your toy box. Their Liquid Silk lube is Hump Day-tested and enthusiastically approved for both solo time and sex with your partner(s). Also check out their great selection of sexy board games (“Adult Mad Libs,” anyone?) and toys to find whatever will put a smile on your face or a boner in your pants.

Dear Badgers, just spend the day doing whatever the hell you want, whoever the hell you want and grab some discount boxes of chocolate on Saturday. Got some other event ideas we didn’t talk about? Share them in the comments. Also, if there is a topic you want to hear about don’t forget to send your questions into [email protected]

Until next time Badgers, stay safe, stay healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day.