I decided to do a little something different with this week’s article. I stopped by the campus’s go-to store for clothing, Pitaya, and sought its employees’ opinions on what the latest trends were. Here’s what employee, Jessica Klein, had to share.

Looking to stay warm and fashionable at the same time? Jessica suggests over-sized sweaters with cozy leggings. Jessica warns me though, that the over-sized sweaters and leggings look can be overdone.

“Just because it’s an easy look doesn’t mean you can wear it everyday. Wear it out to class—not for going out on the weekends,” she said.


So, what should you wear out on the weekends, then? According to Jessica, peplum tops are the perfect option. They look good with skinny jeans and leggings—”so cute” as Jessica said. Looking for a way to spruce up your look for the evening? Try a statement necklace—the bigger and chunkier, the better!

clothes 2

If the jeans-and-a-shirt look isn’t your scene, try a skater or sweater dress for going out in the evenings. Skater dresses are tight on the top then flare out at the waist– accentuating what you want and hiding what you don’t.

Last but not least are shoes. Jessica’s top pick: combat lace-up boots. The small heel of the boots lends itself to being the perfect shoe for wearing to class, to work or out in the evenings.