Boyce Avenue, the band made up of three brothers, appeared to light up the stage at their sold out performance on Saturday night. The crowd within the Majestic Theatre seemed more than pleased, despite the headliners’ brief presence on stage. The group was extremely talented, yet something was missing in their performance. Alejandro Manzano, the lead singer, had modulated vocals that were simply inexpressible and particularly memorable. Audience members claimed that his covers sounded even better than their original recordings. This was a substantial claim, considering he covered songs like Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” as well as other songs from Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. Fabian, the guitar player, and Daniel, the bassist, made no mistakes and complemented Alejandro’s vocals flawlessly.

Nothing was wrong with their musical performance, yet they lacked charisma onstage. They were outstanding musicians, but underwhelming as entertainers. There wasn’t much energy within the given atmosphere. The crowd was rarely involved and conversation from the band members was minimal. With this missing, it was difficult to enjoy their performance since their audience was solely reflected to be spectators.

After a transitory song break, Alejandro asked the crowd to raise their hand if they had been introduced to Boyce Avenue’s music through YouTube. Hands shot up across the Majestic: Nearly everyone in the crowd had been introduced to the band through YouTube. The band has received tremendous amounts of hype from their YouTube presence and built their fanbase on their channel subscribers.

The group itself is very talented, and their musical performance was perfect, but to thrive as performers they need to become better entertainers. Without any band interaction, one could get the same benefit from listening to their track online as they could at the concert. Sound isn’t everything. They need to expose themselves more to their audience and include them within their concerts. By performing with charisma, the concert would have been absolutely extraordinary.