For years, your desires to pay money to snuggle with a complete stranger have probably been unfulfilled. But that’s all about to change. Starting Oct. 1, The Snuggle House will open on Madison’s East Side and allow people to pay $60 for one hour of snuggling action with a professionally-trained “snuggler”.

Yes, it’s a sketchy concept, and the Snuggle House’s shoddily-pieced together website is a little unnerving, but the Snuggle House’s website touts the numerous benefits of cuddling, including increased oxytocin levels and sense of well-being that lasts for days.

The Snuggle House will charge $60 dollars for an hour-long “single snuggle.” Hour-long “double snuggles” will cost $110. It’s unclear what a double snuggle is, but one might assume that it entails snuggling with two strangers instead of one.

The Snuggle House is currently hiring six “professional snugglers” to aid clients in their desire to be a little spoon to a complete stranger’s big spoon. If you enjoy snuggling, money and the company of strangers, it doesn’t seem like all that bad of a gig. Background checks are required as a part of the application process, according to the website.

In order to apply for a snuggle session, one must fill out a basic information form. Once received, an “associate” will contact the client and take them through an approval process. The Snuggle House maintains that all information will be kept confidential.

The website also stresses that no nudity or sexual behavior will be tolerated. Cameras will be in place in each snuggling room to ensure the safety of both the “snuggler” and the “snugglee”. On The Snuggle House’s official Facebook page, a man commented, “This is to prostitution what non-alcoholic beer is to Wild Turkey.” He brings up an interesting point. While snuggling is an enormously fulfilling process, at what point will a horny client feel frustrated over not being able to take the intimate process of cuddling to the next level? Is paying for the Snuggle House’s services like paying $60 for a minor case of blue balls? At what point does snuggling turn into innocent, light-hearted dry humping? The website doesn’t make this entirely clear, but we assume this information will be brushed over once you’ve stepped into the doors of The Snuggle House come October.

“This is an exciting opportunity to receive the benefits of TOUCH THERAPY in a non-sexual way, and feel ‘connected’ in a disconnected, digital world,” the website says. Say what you want about The Snuggle House — it’s hard to argue that the concept isn’t interesting. For now, the Snuggle House has no listed address or phone number, but once that information is disclosed, believe us, we’ll think about maybe — just maybe — trying it out.