Time to cuddle up, Badgers. It’s snowing again, meaning we must use body heat to stay warm since most of the heating is turned off for the spring. Whether it’s a man and a woman, two women or two men, these artists have come together to light a musical fire in listeners’ hearts.

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

by McKenzie Kirkland

This duet will never get old because, no matter who I’m with, I only sing one part of the duet and expect whoever I’m with to sing the other part, just like my best friend used to do.

“Over and Over” – Nelly and Tim McGraw

by Rachel Turriff

Who would’ve thought that a country singer and a rap superstar could pair up and create a song that was popular all around the country? When I first heard this song I was very surprised, yet impressed by
the duo. For once, the world of rap and country were intertwined, and listeners actually enjoyed it. The song is just the perfect amount of both Nelly and Tim McGraw’s voices, making it difficult not to sing along to. I like this song because it is very relaxing, something that is not expected from Nelly, and it demonstrates his singing ability, one thing many rappers do not possess. I also enjoy the music: it is very subtle and lets the listener concentrate on the voices, which, I’m sure, is something people want to focus on because of the strange match up of Nelly and Tim McGraw in the first place!

“Please Read the Letter” – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

by Nancy Payne

The fact that Robert Plant can not only rock as a member of Led Zepplin, but can also rock with the beautiful Alison Krauss is a testament to his awesomeness. This is actually a revised cover of a 1998 song by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page from their duet album Walking into Clarksdale. As much as those guys rock together, Krauss brings an irreplaceable dynamic to the song. This blue grass/folk rock cover incorporates steady percussion and long, spread out guitar chords at the beginning, whispering harmonies and violins throughout and a shiver-inducing build up to a rocking finish that highlights Plant’s traditional flare. Overall an amazing song with a unique sound that should make any new artist of this generation wish they were nearly as cool as these two “old-timers.”

“Always On Time” – Ja Rule and Ashanti

by Colin Kellogg

This infectious duet pairs Ja Rule’s distinct raps with Ashanti’s silky smooth vocals. The chorus beat will be running through your head all day, but this 2001 song is worth listening to over and over. Though Ashanti and Ja Rule have fallen off the R&B scene, they will remain legends of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

“The Lady is a Tramp” – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

by Kelsey Sorenson

For any of you who doubt Gaga’s vocal prowess, look to “The Lady is a Tramp” to proves her abilities. This duet is a cover of a classic, and Lady Gaga embodies “the lady” — her resistance to convention, perfectly. “The Lady is a Tramp” oozes swag, and listening to it can make you feel a bit classier.

“03′ Bonnie and Clyde” – Beyonce and Jay Z

by Phebe Myers

Anything that has to do with Jay Z and Beyonce sends my heart a fluttering. You’re lying if you say that those two don’t have your dream relationship. Musically, the two are a perfect pair: Jay’s smooth, chill raps mixed with B’s one-of-a-kind voice makes for a to-die-for team.