Caroline Kreul, topping off a stylish ensemble with Ralph Lauren boots.[/media-credit]

Sophomore Caroline Kreul caught my eye this past weekend while I was attending an event at Union South. I noticed her fun patterned shirt paired with a cute blazer, both of which seem to be popular trends on campus. 

Blazers are a great way to dress up any outfit. They can either be worn to class paired with a cute shirt, like Caroline did, or they can be paired with a blouse for a more formal event. Either way, you cannot go wrong! 

Her outfit was stylish and fun, yet practical, and it could be worn for almost any occasion. I loved that she paired her brightly colored patterned shirt with solid red pants. Mixing strong patterns and solids is an excellent way to stick out. I also couldn’t help but notice how she topped off her outfit with a cute pair of brown leather boots, a simple way to dress up a plain pair of jeans. 

Because I couldn’t stop looking at her outfit, I had to ask her some questions about her style choices. Here’s the breakdown:

Caroline Kreul, Sophomore 

Boots: Ralph Lauren 

Pants: Calvin Klein 

Top: “I got it for Christmas from my mom, so I’m not really sure where it’s from.” 

Blazer: Kohl’s

What are your favorite stores to shop at? “Francesca’s, Dry Goods, J.Crew. I’m kind of preppy like that.”

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? “Probably these boots actually. They are super well made, and whenever I put them on, whether it’s just a sweatshirt and jeans or an outfit like this, I feel like it makes it a little bit better.”

Is there one particular item of clothing or accessory you love to buy? “Oh my gosh – bags, like totes. I have an insane amount of totes. I just use them for class.”

Do you like to shop online or in stores? “What usually happens is I browse online for hours and hours and hours and then I actually go to the store so I don’t have to worry about shipping to a dorm.”

What is your favorite brand? “I love anything Ralph Lauren. I also love Kate Spade with a passion. She’s so classy and classic.”

Do you try to keep up with the trends on campus? “I wouldn’t say that I necessarily try to stick out, but if there’s something I like that maybe doesn’t fit it with the Madison really chill perspective, I’ll wear it. I don’t really care.”

Caroline’s style can be a great fashion inspiration for all of us here on campus. She shows us that it is easy to look stylish – all you need is a great pair of boots to make any outfit look just a little bit better!