Welcome to another Friday Favorites! This week’s theme: Love (of course). Enjoy this surprise mix of classical romance and heartbreak, and have a Valentine’s weekend to remember.

“American” by Lana Del Rey 

Rachel Rogerson 

Because I love America and I love Lana Del Rey. Everyone else should too.

“Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band 

Rachel Turriff 

I love everything Dave Matthews, and I find this song to be really romantic. It brings across his message without giving too much away or being obvious. I like how there is a sort of hidden message behind the lyrics, and I enjoy how the music is soothing and relaxing.

“When U Love Somebody” by Fruit Bats 

Nancy Payne 

Nothing quite like a song that paints the picture of love as a bloody mouth to get you giddy for V-Day.

“So Sorry” by Feist 

Bennet Goldstein 

Valentine’s Day often brings a heightened awareness to one’s relationship status. Singles may notice a feeling of absence, but even couples may be feeling strain during the holiday. Cupid can fire a fatal arrow by inviting couples to compare their relationship to an ideal one, allowing them to see how partners fail to measure up. It is this feeling of a dying relationship that Feist conveys in “So Sorry” – she can find no words to fix a breaking heart.

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John 

Mckenzie Kirkland 

You can’t go wrong with Disney music.

“Come Back and Stay” by Paul Young 

Zachary Schwaller 

This ’80s single has everything you would expect from an ’80s single. The stumbling guitar riff is paired with a chiming keyboard tune – that was undoubtedly first mastered on a keytar – that rolls together into a clap-along style chorus. This is the easiest of easy listening, making “Come Back and Stay” a song that is as trendy today in its novelty as it would have been in the ’80s for its heartbreaking passion.
Probably not as cool as some other love songs, but what is love if not overly dramatic?

“Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran 

Sam Fleichman 

“Give Me Love” is straight up a beautiful song. Starting out slow with a gradual build, the track ends in a big way. The guitar has a sweet tune and the vocals are pure. You can really feel Ed Sheeran’s longing for love through the moving lyrics.

“Skinny Love” by Bon Iver 

Natalie Dahl 

“Skinny Love” is the perfect song to reflect on past relationships that crumbled into pieces. The melancholy tune provides a captivating chorus with poetic lyrics of a relationship gone wrong. The song is easy to relate to, confirming the well-known fact that Ben and Jerry are the only reliable men these days!