Happy Valentine’s Day! Well, not quite yet, but it’s time to plan for the big day this Thursday. We’ve a great night lined up for any student budget with dinner options, a show and something for the sweetest of teeth. We guarantee any date will enjoy a night away from campus at any of these excellent date spots.


Samba Brazilian Grill

Elise Romas

If you’re looking for a classy, fancy and sophisticated place to take your sweetie this Thursday night, and have a carnivorous attitude, then Samba Brazilian Grill (located at 240 W. Gilman St., directly off of State Street) is the place for you. It costs $36.95 per plate for adults, but this splurge is worth every penny. You are offered seven different types and cuts of meat, as well as grilled cinnamon pineapple for vegetarians.

Dobra Tea

Colin Kellogg

If you want to show your date your intellectual, mysterious side, take him or her to Dobra Tea. The romantic, luxurious interior will transport you to the Orient, where many of the exquisite teas offered originate. Lounge on plush pillows as you share an intimate conversation across the table and gaze into each other’s eyes.

Dobra Tea’s offerings of high-quality tea and light fare are perfect for a low-commitment date, or for beginning or ending a complete night of dinner and drinks. Dobra Tea’s knowledgeable staff can make a suggestion for you and your date from the array of exotic teas offered. Any choice is sure to arouse the taste buds before you take your date home for a late night affair.


West Side Story

Elise Romas

After a delicious dining experience, take your date to a show at the Overture Center (located on State Street near the Capitol). “West Side Story,” the classic musical written in the 1950s based off Romeo and Juliet, is now playing through Sunday, Feb. 17. With catchy tunes such as “Tonight” and “I Feel Pretty,” you’re bound to enjoy not just the company you’re in but the entertainment as well. Student tickets are on sale now for $25. The production begins at 7:30 p.m., a perfect source of entertainment between dinner and dessert.


Opus Lounge

Samantha Johnson

For after-dinner desserts and drinks with a luxe touch, cozy into the low-profile tuxedo striped leather nook at Opus Lounge on King Street. Your Wisconsin date night will transform into something out of a New York metropolitan jazz-themed romance twilight, complete with the candlelight and sparkle. Known for their vast selection of stylish specialty martinis, you’ll hardly be able to settle on one of their unique concoctions. Save your close second for round two. The scene is hip enough to draw an intimate buzz, but still low enough for your whispered sweet nothings to carry.

But what’s extra special is the delectable fondues. You get a plate of rich pound cake and sweet, fresh fruit to dip in your choice of warm creamy caramel or dreamy Belgian chocolate. Better yet, Opus’ daily specials include 25 percent off dessert fondues Thursdays, a perfect coincidence this year.

Kilwin’s Chocolate Shop

Colin Kellogg

If the average heart-shaped box of chocolates just isn’t good enough for your special someone, go to Kilwin’s for gourmet, homemade treats. Kilwin’s has everything to satisfy any sweet tooth, including fudge, truffles, caramel apples, caramels and toffee. Your date will be amazed when you come to the door with any of these sugary surprises.

If you’re not sure what he or she will like, take your sweetheart there before or after dinner and treat yourselves to decadent, rich drinking chocolate or classic hot chocolate. Whether your relationship is a blossoming romance or has soul mate status, Kilwin’s is the perfect place to show your Valentine you’re sweet on them!

Forever Yogurt

Tim Hadick and Elise Romas

Couples on the broke college student budget can find quality dessert options at Forever Yogurt on State Street. A light, hip atmosphere surrounds customers as they choose what frozen yogurt and toppings to pile into their bowls. Sharing a fruity concoction with vanilla frozen yogurt will only set whoever’s paying back about $4. For about a buck more, go for gold with tons of chocolate yogurt and delectable chunks of brownie bites.

Forever Yogurt is opened until midnight, so no worries
rushing from the play on over to your final destination; you’ll have plenty of
time to enjoy a nice romantic walk down State Street.