Vocalist Nate Ruess and Fun. delivered a solid performance at their sold-out show to round out the first full week of classes Thursday night at Union South\’s Varsity Hall.[/media-credit]

In an effort to exhaust all band name-related puns, Thursday evening turned into “Some Night” of Fun. as students and members of the campus community came together to “Carry On” the start of the semester in celebration and remember how “We Are Young.”

Wisconsin Union Directorate’s “Some Night at the Union” was a hit last week, closing the university’s first week of spring classes with some dancing, loud singing and, well, … Fun.

I’m done, I promise.

New York’s indie rock sensation Fun. joined Jack’s Mannequin’s veteran Andrew McMahon to transform Union South’s Varsity Hall into a concert venue in the event of the year. The room was packed and unrecognizable as lines of students snaked around the union to join in on the festivities.

McMahon opened the show, engaging audiences with his smooth voice, piano skills and bearded, plaid-ridden bandmates. McMahon got the audience to sing along to his songs “Swim” and “Dark Blue,” an experience reminiscent of those puberty- plagued middle school days.

The former Jack’s Mannequin lead singer didn’t shy from jokingly geriatric remarks, in what seemed to be an effort to establish his seniority while acknowledging that many in the audience once sang his songs as eighth graders. However, he is only 30 years old. Nonetheless, girls in the audience swooned. Others waited for the main act, in hopes of regaining their maturity, while still experiencing the youthfulness present in some of Fun.’s hits.

As the “Some Night” part of the evening commenced, Fun. stole the show and disproved even the slightest of Auto-Tune concerns. Bottom line: Fun. is good recorded and great live.

Nate Ruess, lead singer of Fun., led the group in full force taunting the audience with his good looks and serenading all sides of the stage with songs from both of the group’s records, Some Nights and the less famous 2009 album Aim and Ignite.

There was general excitement to sing along with hits like “All Alright,” “Some Nights” and “We Are Young” and equal shameless excitement to belt out fake lyrics to less popular songs. But mostly, I fell in love with one of the band’s older songs, “The Gambler,” which Ruess dedicated to his parents and convinced everyone of the line “you should live until you die.” It felt effortlessly simple but was the utmost truth.

Singing aside, it was not only the music that made the show. Fun.’s schtick between tunes was a major entertainment factor. With some subtle age comments, Ruess’ admission to quitting smoking and above all, guitarist Jack Antonoff’s movie pitch of “what if dogs could talk,” had the audience in fits.

Apparently, Antonoff was recently inspired to write the comical scenarios that would ensure if dogs could talk and rat out their owners on what they have seen (i.e. infidelity and masturbation, because, according to Antonoff, college students love those kinds of story lines.)

Here’s to hoping Antonoff’s girlfriend Lena Dunham, HBO show “Girls” writer, runs with the idea.

So, we were young, we carried on and we had quite some night.