Welcome back to another Hump Day ladies and gentlemen! I have returned to help you with some of your sexual inquiries. Since you were too shy to send your questions this week, today I’ll be writing about an issue that has been very popular in the shout-outs lately. If you are a loyal reader like myself, constantly refreshing the webpage to read the newest posts, then you’ve probably noticed the heated argument taking place the past couple days. This argument concerned the idea of shaving pubic hair and whether or not people should do it. So, my dear badgers, you have raised the questions of to shave or not to shave, and I am here to give my two cents. 

Now I can’t tell you whether completely shaved or nicely groomed is the better path, since everyone has a different preference. I personally prefer hairless, while some people prefer au naturel. However, the general consensus in the shout-outs, and among people in general, seems to be that at the very least people should trim and maintain their pubic hair, lest they want to look like a swamp monster in their pants – I have yet to meet someone who wants to get busy with the creature from the Black Lagoon. Trimming not only helps to reign in the pubes, but with men, it has the added effect of making your manhood look larger, and your partner can’t complain about that.

If you are thinking of trimming your downstairs hair, the two usual methods are scissors or electric trimmers. These are very doable methods, since both are cheap, painless and relatively easy to maintain. The biggest thing to remember is that these two methods require dry hair and quite a bit of cleanup. So for the sanity of your roommates, please clean up after yourself. 

Out of the two choices, I would definitely recommend using electric trimmers, since handling sharp objects around sensitive areas is not a very good idea unless you have a very steady hand. Also, scissors can leave the hair uneven, and that could lead to your partner laughing uncontrollably at their first sight of you naked, ruining all sexy plans for the night. But if you decide to trim and to trim bold, try making a design like a heart or the Superman logo for some extra fun; this can prove to be a nice surprise when you undress your partner and the effort will likely be rewarded in bed.

If hairless is more your thing, there are a large variety of paths to getting testicles as smooth and soft as silk, which vary in cost, painfulness and permanence. The most obvious of these is simply shaving with your everyday razor. The pros of this is that almost everyone owns a razor and knows how to use it. The cons, however, include razor burn, ingrown hairs, and painful itching as the hair grows back. Therefore, if you do shave, you have to do it frequently, or else your genitals will feel like sandpaper to the touch, and no one would want to put their face or family jewels near that. 

The next option is waxing. This used to be thought of as only for women, but now many salons are offering waxing for males as well. The process can be painful, and some salons even refuse to do it to the delicate skin of the testicles, but it offers long-lasting effects and freedom from chemicals or razor burn. So if you want to be smooth and hair-free for more than a day (think spring break), this may be worth giving a try. Just be prepared to share all of your business with the salon staff and to feel a bit sore for a couple hours!

The final method for hair removal is electrolysis, which removes hair permanently from the area it is performed on. If you are looking to say goodbye to your pubes forever, this may be the ideal step for you. While more painful and expensive than shaving, electrolysis will completely remove your pubic hair. However, the procedure often requires multiple appointments, and while not as painful as waxing, you will definitely feel the burn during your time at the office. Therefore, make sure you are really ready to kick the bush to the curb before you embark on this journey.

So there you have it badgers; hair or bare or anywhere in between, I believe you should do whatever turns you on. If smooth as a baby’s bottom is your thing, lose the pubes. If you like your penis to resemblance a manly lumberjack, leave it bushy. However, don’t expect your partner to go down on you and get a mouthful of hair if you do decide to leave it wild and natural. But either way, don’t knock it until you try it. Who knows, if you’ve never shaved or have been shaving since your pubes first grew in, you could be missing out on something spectacular.

That’s it for today everyone! Hump Day will see you next semester and will be responding to any sexy questions you may have thought of over break.

Katherine Harrill is a junior majoring in psychology. To have more of your burning sex questions answered, give her and the rest of the Hump Day ladies a shout at [email protected]