“I didn’t actually know him before the tour, but I was played a few of his tracks and I was just like, wow, I can’t believe this kid is 19, he’s really, really talented and he’s got his own thing happening. After we started hanging out and just seeing him crush dance floor after dance floor, I was like, this kid is awesome.” – ill.Gates on Jay Fay, from interview with The Badger Herald

We caught up with 19-year-old Jay Fay, whose skilled moombahton beats have been grabbing the attention and ears of key players in the electronic industry. He’ll be making his way to Madison with The Church of Bass Tour Saturday, and we thought a little introduction was in order. Below are our fast five questions for the young producer. Consider it speed dating.

Badger Herald: Who are your three biggest influences?

Jay Fay: Daft Punk, Diplo, the world

BH: What one track of yours would you want someone who had never heard you to play first?

JF: My remix of “Uncrushable” by Bro Safari.

BH: Without using ‘moombahton,’ how would you describe your sound?

JF: Crazy, all over the place bass music.

BH: Best moment of the Church of Bass Tour so far? 

JH: There have been a lot of great moments, but probably playing San Diego on Halloween. It was absolutely bonkers.

BH: Where do you want to be in five years?

JF: Hopefully touring the world as an established producer/DJ, and have my hand in production for other artists.

Jay Fay will perform with Stephan Jacobs and ill.Gates on the Church of Bass Tour this Saturday at Segredo. Doors open at 9 p.m. and tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door. For more information, visit segredomadison.com