“It’s a way to say to the scene, ‘Here we are; get ready for us.'” 

This is how Matt Zigan, vocalist and keyboardist for the Milwaukee-based metalcore band To Paint With Fire, described the release of the band’s highly anticipated debut EP “Visions.” 

“We want to show everyone what we can do musically,” he added.

Far too often, bands are overlooked based on age or how long they’ve been in the scene, but To Paint With Fire is setting out to change that mentality with “Visions.”

Forming in late 2010, the band went through several line-up changes and live performances across Wisconsin before finally settling down and recording with Josh Napert of Snipe Studio. Working with Josh was “one of the best experiences that we’ve had as musicians,” bassist Drew Jensen said. “He really helped us with our sound.”

The six high school students have spent the better half of the last year writing and preparing themselves to enter the studio. Originally planning on recording five songs, they made the decision to cut the EP to only three – the three they felt best reflected their talent.

The first song off of the EP, “The Cursed Throne,” has been available for listening on the band’s Facebook page. Driven by powerful guitars and heavy-hitting vocals, the song gets off to a quick start and just as quickly transitions into a chorus pushed by vocalist Danny Crumpler, whose abilities, Jensen said, will set the band apart from other local bands in the scene. The rest of the song features the brutal breakdowns, fast-paced double bass and overlaid synthesized pitches frequently found in metalcore music.

Fans of The Word Alive, Woe, Is Me, We Came as Romans and Memphis May Fire, “bands that have a real diversity within their songs,” according to Jensen, will find familiar moments in the songs of To Paint With Fire.

Drew stated, however, the band doesn’t want to be identified as a mimic of an already popular band. “[Our] ultimate goal is not to have someone hear us and have the first words out of their mouth to be, ‘They sound just like ‘blank.’ [We] want them to hear us and say, ‘They sound similar to this band, but they also sound different at the same time.'”

Madison is the second stop on the band’s EP release weekend, headlined by Narrow Hearts of We Are Triumphant records. On Friday, the band will kick off the weekend in its hometown of Milwaukee with a show featuring local up-and-comers Peregryn and Glory Divine. Sunday, the band will cap off its weekend in Rockford with Freeport, Ill.,-based Hurricane on the Moon.

Jensen admitted the weekend tour was planned to be over-the-top. “Maybe a little show-offy, even,” he said.

In Madison, the band will be joined by hometown heroes The Fine Constant, an instrumental metal band fronted by guitarist Sarah Longfield, as well as City of Ghosts, Render the Wasteland and Of Apollo. “They were bands that we thought would help display everyone in a good light,” Jensen said. “We didn’t want anyone that stood out as a huge front runner, or was bigger than the rest. We tried to keep things pretty even.”

This Saturday marks the ensemble’s first appearance at The Loft.

“We’re very excited,” Drew said. “Madison is just a great city. I’ve been to so many shows there. I love the venue and the people who work there. It’s just a great place to be.”

For those attending the show, expect a fast-paced energetic performance from the young sextet. Drew said he expects to receive a lot of crowd interaction during the show. “It’s going to be a great time. I hope everyone can come out and support all of the other bands, as well as our EP release.” He added the band will be selling its EP for only $1 during the tour, instead of the usual $4.

To Paint With Fire will perform at The Loft Saturday with Narrow Hearts. Doors open at 5 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door for $7. For more information, contact the band at www.facebook.com/topaintwithfirewi.