Last week, you learned some how to look back to the ’90s to bring your style to the next level. Now this week, we’re looking for inspiration from different countries and cultures all over the globe.

Sometimes being stuck in this little bubble we call Madison is limiting in terms of fashion motivation, but there truly is simply so much out there in the world, and we’re going to take it, use it and rock it.

Let’s start across the pond with jolly old England. While British fashion and American fashion often run quite similar to one another, British history and culture lends to their sense of style in a way that ours doesn’t. 

We can start with the iconic Union Jack (a.k.a. the British flag) as an eternally cool symbol. It has been worn on celebrities and musicians for decades and has never gone out of style. Designers have even taken it and altered it by changing the colors, laying it vertically, distorting it. Despite any stylistic changes, it is still completely recognizable and a fun way to tip the hat to our neighbors across the Atlantic.

British fashion also harbors a distinctly military feel, which is inspired in part by the country’s history. Britons are known to rock military-inspired jackets and boots, or perhaps an aviator jacket, or a Sherlock Holmes-inspired trench coat.

There’s a sense of rock in a lot of British fashion styles, resulting from the music powerhouses that have come out of England. Honor them by sporting a classic, vintage British rock band t-shirt (the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, David Bowie, the list goes on and on and on. Pair that shirt with a pair of trousers and a rucksack. 

For a more sophisticated London look, pair a cute and conservative sheath dress in a darker color (or possibly in plaid) with dark tights and matching flats, an outfit perfect for a British gal shopping on Oxford Street or minding the gap while riding the metro.

But now let’s cut across the Channel and go Parisian chic. France (and specifically Paris) is undoubtedly a place with a distinct fashion sense, and one packed with famous designers and shops. Although England and France aren’t far apart geographically, the style found in each respective country is quite different.

French fashion is known for its sophistication, class and overall simplicity. Classic looks with touches of femininity are a staple in a Parisian wardrobe. Bows, an occasional ruffle, polka dots and stripes are all design elements commonly found in French clothing. 

Black, white and red are three colors you will probably find in the wardrobe of every French fashionista. A cropped pant in any of these three colors along with a pair of cute flats will instantly give your look a French feel. Add a pair of vintage sunglasses, such as those with rounded and colored frames, or a black cat eye pair, and you just might be mistaken for a Paris local.

Choosing tops with a collar can also give your style some Parisian inspiration. In addition, items with vintage floral patterns can as well. Pairing a collared swing top with a pair of leggings and flats is also very French. And as any good French woman would tell you, a classic black dress is essential in the wardrobe.

And finally, let’s get out of Europe and find some inspiration from Africa. Tribal-inspired prints on clothing and accessories are a fun and unique way to give your outfit a whole new look. Prints in colors like black and cream can go with almost anything and are a way to remain loyal to their African inspiration. Pair these prints with woven shoes and accessories. A tan or beige woven clutch is a classic addition to almost any outfit. 

Or take the African inspiration and go safari-chic by using neutral-colored pieces to adorn your wardrobe. Beige, khaki and a soft army green are great earth-toned colors to incorporate, and looser shirts and pants in these shades with more masculine lines will give your look just a hint of an African safari.

In a similar sense, take some inspiration from South America by using tribal-like prints. But here, instead of neutrals, branch out and use bright colors. Bright reds, pinks, oranges, purples and blues can evoke an exciting Brazilian feel. Loose and flowy skirts in these colors are fun and fashionable. Headbands and head wraps are another South American-inspired accessory that are worth a try.

These are just a few ways you can incorporate styles and trends from different parts of the world into your wardrobe. There is simply so much out there, and no excuses to be stuck in the same boring fashion rut. Choose your favorite country as inspiration, be brave and go global!