Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Looking into the next month of film, it’s no surprise a flux of horror/thriller movies are arriving just in time for the Halloween season, including Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” (Oct. 5), along with the fourth and latest edition of “Paranormal Activity” (Oct. 19). Of the month’s newest arrivals, here are some others worth catching at a local theater.

“Pitch Perfect”

Starring Anna Kendrick
(“End of Watch”), Brittany Snow (“Hairspray”) and Rebel Wilson (“Bridesmaids”). Opens Oct. 5.

When reserved and talented music mixer Beca (Kendrick) arrives at Barden University for freshman year, she wants nothing to do with college life. Once she is persuaded to join the female a cappella group, The Bellas, she starts to learn the rewards of teamwork and friendship. She also attempts a romantic relationship with Jesse (Skylar Astin), a member of the mens’ a cappella team, The Treblemakers. In this simple romantic comedy, Wilson’s character, Fat Amy, should provide many laughs over a soundtrack sure to be a hit.

“Taken 2” 

Starring Liam Neeson (“The Dark Knight Rises”), Maggie Grace (“Twilight”) and Famke Janssen (“Nip/Tuck”). Opens Oct. 5.

Since the release of “Taken” in 2008, many parents have felt a sense of anxiety as they send their sons or daughters off to a foreign country. This weekend, the sequel to the action thriller sends Bryan Mills (Neeson) back into action on a vacation to Istanbul, where Murad Hoxha (Rade Serbedzija) kidnaps his wife, Lenore, (Famke Jannsen) and daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace). Hoxha’s motive stems from revenge for Mills’ murder of his son, Kim’s kidnapper, in the first film. Under the new direction of Olivier Megaton (“Colombiana”), this should be a definite box office hit for the month.


Starring Ben Affleck (“The Town”), John Goodman (“Trouble with the Curve”) and Bryan Cranston (“Rock of Ages”). Opens Oct. 12.

Based on a true story during the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis, six Americans hide in the home of Iran’s Canadian ambassador following a takeover of the American embassy by Iranian citizens. CIA specialist Tony Mendez (Affleck) devises a plan in which he rescues the Americans under the false pretense they were part of a film crew completing production work for a film called “Argo.” For Mendez, the stakes are high as he tries to quickly save the Americans. After years of acclaimed work by Affleck, “Argo” is already receiving potential Oscar buzz.

“Cloud Atlas” 

Starring Tom Hanks (“Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”), Halle Berry (“New Year’s Eve”) and Hugh Grant (“Love Actually”). Opens Oct. 26.

With a budget of more than $100 million, this film of many genres, including epic, adventure and drama, has the largest budget of all time for an independent film. Based on the 2004 novel by David Mitchell, the Toronto Film Festival received the film with a 10-minute ovation last week. Judging by the trailer, the movie examines how the actions of certain individuals influence the lives of others. It shares the feel of Terrence Malick’s “Tree of Life,” providing a vivid cinematic experience.

“The Big Wedding” 

Starring Robert De Niro (“New Year’s Eve”), Katherine Heigl (“One for the Money”) and Diane Keaton (“Morning Glory”). Opens Oct. 26.

In the comedy film “The Big Wedding,” Don (De Niro) and Lyla (Keaton) Griffin are long divorced but must put on the facade of a happy Catholic couple for their son’s wedding. As all their friends and family come together, the plan inevitably falls to pieces. 

The film also includes an ensemble cast including Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams. Williams’ film “The Birdcage” presents a similar story with gay marriage in place of religious marital bonds. While “The Big Wedding” probably won’t receive much critical acclaim, the humorous story and fantastic cast will make for an entertaining flick.