“Breaking Bad” Sitcom Parody

Apparently, all that is necessary to turn an edge-of-the-seat drama into a quirky sitcom is sound effects, a laugh track and a network logo. It’s more powerful than you’d think. This parody video has been around for a while, but right now, the corny edit serves as a much-needed tension easer after a cliffhanger of an ending in the show’s midseason finale.

Revisiting the White family’s exploits in a lighter tone will bring a bizarrely dark smile across your face – you’ve already rooted and detested the meth cook and murderer, now laugh with him and his family.

JB Fanvideo

People do strange things to gain celebrities’ attention. But when YouTube user wzr0713 posted a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend” for a contest this summer, things got downright weird. With the clingy lyrics of a nagging significant other and the wide eyes of an obsessed stalker, the clever and comedic rendition left many looking over their shoulders. The video quickly became a meme known as “Overly Attached Girlfriend” on user-submission sites like Reddit, garnering enough views to leave one questioning who the clingy one really is.

Gangnam Style

Dance craze videos have always held a dear spot in viral video culture, even before the Internet came into its own (think: “Macarena”). The latest, “Gangnam Style” by Korean K-Pop artist Psy is simple yet infectious. Just pretend like you’re riding a horse to a techno beat, select a random locale (Psy chose public transportation, wind tunnels and a sauna) and GO. It’s hard to say just what made the video an international hit – the catchy beat? The absurd dancing? – but it’s also hard to argue with hundreds of millions of YouTube viewers.

Series by user ‘baracksdubs’

In all those speeches, public figures say enough that with the right editing skills, you could make them say anything. And no one is more prone to this than the president. The hard part is sifting through the words to cut the one you need. Thankfully, someone has done it.

In a series of YouTube videos over the past eight months, YouTuber baracksdubs has strung together singular words and phrases from President Obama, layered them over popular tracks and transformed a politician into an Internet pop star.

Eastwood addresses a chair

It seems election politics can bring out the best in viral videos, but not necessarily for praised actor/directors. Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the Republican National Convention, during which he addressed an empty chair as if it were the president had some laughing, some cheering and some just scratching their heads. CNN Host Howard Kurtz, for one, called it the “weirdest convention moment I have ever seen.” And millions upon millions of viewers likely agreed.