As much as I’d have liked to write in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m really not a big fan of any Irish or Irish-inspired music. Instead, I’m going to do a quick rundown of what I’m currently listening to and why you, dear reader, should be giving it your attention.

The temperatures have been unseasonably awesome as of late, and spring always brings around a lighter, more accessible, more fun playlist thanks to the it being the “rebirth” season and the reemergence of humanity from the always dreary, gray and desolate winter. Here’s what spring sounds like for me.

“Losing a Whole Year” – Third Eye Blind

This song, with its jazzy, island-ist guitar, slow, punk-inspired drum beat and lyrics about recovering from a love lost perfectly embody the current weather. The listener can’t help but smile at the tongue-in-cheek lyrics dissing a former significant other and the nostalgic cries to the past relationship that may remind the listener of springs or loves past in their own lives. Unfortunately, it has been lost among Third Eye Blind’s extensive catalogue.

“Like Vines” – The Hush Sound

With subject matter based entirely around picnicking with a lover, it’s not difficult to see how perfect this song fits in with the spring. The bouncy piano sets the tone perfectly, and the rest of the instruments complement and set off the song. The only thing missing is pianist Greta’s amazing voice, usually featured in other tracks by The Hush Sound. The rest of the band’s discography fits the spring motif quite well, too.

“The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press” – Panic! At the Disco

This oft-overlooked gem from Panic!’s debut album is perfect to blast with your windows down cruising around the countryside (that is, if you’re not embarrassed to be heard listening to Panic! in the first place). The song is just too fun to pass up what with its satirical lyrics, bouncy beat and Panic!’s trademark electronic infusions. Although “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” was criminally overplayed, do not pass up on this great track, which was actually the first single off the debut.

“Something in the Way That You Are” – The Reign of Kindo

This relatively unknown piano driven indie-jazz group’s greatness is beyond words. They have immense talent at every position in the band, but they do not use this potential to melt your face off, rather opting to write great, catchy and, of course, jazzy songs with poetic and intelligent lyrics. This particular track stands out because of its awesome, almost R&B vibe and the syncopated drum beat that’s just too much fun to sit still to. This is another track perfect for cruising around, and lends itself as well to a walk about town.

“Elephant and Castle” – Houston Calls

Houston Calls are now sadly defunct. Instead of mourning their loss, the best thing to do to celebrate this excellent pop-punk group is to listen to this ridiculously catchy tune on a breezy, sunny afternoon during this beautiful, early release from winter’s icy grasp. While the lyrics are a bit depressing, they ultimately uplift as a result of the upbeat guitar riffing and the bouncy drumming. This is the perfect song for a morning jog as well.

All of these tracks are sure to get your legs moving and your mind and body ready for spring. Hopefully we can avoid the depressing beckoning of winter and keep the tunes uplifting.

Regen McCracken is a junior intending to major in journalism. He has a love for video games, metal, jazz and all things that make one think. He also writes and performs his own music. Send questions and comments to [email protected].