In a tightly performed, often-hilarious night of comedy, ‘The Whitest Kids U Know’ proved that their success on IFC translates quite well to live performance. The troupe performed such classics as ‘The Grapist,’ ‘Tattoo Parlor’ and ‘Abe Lincoln,’ interspersing those efforts with pre-filmed clips and amusing interactions with rowdy audience members.[/media-credit]

Last Friday night, the guiltiest of pleasures and the darkest of humors graced downtown Madison as comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U’ Know stepped to center stage at the Majestic Theatre. The darling group took the stage just after 8 p.m. to a sold out crowd and started with a bang. Five minutes later, the audience was on its feet roaring for more.

The moment the five comedians stepped on stage, it became clear that they were not just five comedians – they were one group. The genuine and rich bonds between each comedian proved full throttle and only added to the dynamic of the show, while the individual and collective charisma charmed the audience. The lively crowd was full of veteran fans but by the end of the show, the group made last calls to rope in any skeptics, newcomers or disbelievers.

The show featured raunchy, perverted, banned-from-the-dinner-table topics, but that did not stop the crowd from eating up every word. The troupe was sure not to disappoint as their hour-and-a half show included fan-favorites such as “The Grapist” and “Tattoo Parlor,” and they concluded the night with “Abe Lincoln,” which completely hit it out of the park. If the set list failed to arouse any crowd member, Zach Cregger handled crass with some class by individually calling out rude audience members for everyone else’s enjoyment. On Friday night at the Majestic, taboo was a concept that simply did not exist.

As the soiree wore on, the sketches maintained a refreshingly original style, which served to complement the short snip-it clips from the group’s IFC network sketch show, showing its range and capability for anyone who was not previously aware.

The group delivered an unforgettable show in an environment where no one needed to worry whether their excessive cackle at horribly lurid material might seem offensive. It was a night where the troupe truly fed off the audience’s energy, somehow making every audience member feel fully satisfied while still craving more. And if that were not enough, all five members of the troupe stuck around after the show in order to meet the audience, hang out and sign autographs.