That’s right, folks: In an inspired programming move, WUD Music Committee booked both Neon Indian and Kreayshawn to perform tonight for free at The Sett in Union South. Despite a Freakfest lineup that merely demonstrates just how out of touch its organizers are with modern music, Madisonites can look forward to a show worth making an event of.

For those who don’t have one of those friends always showing Youtube clips, Kreayshawn (Natassia Zolot) is a California female rapper known for her hit “Gucci Gucci.” The video now has more than 23 million views on Youtube. It’s a hoot. The rapper’s known for her flashy Technicolor style and simple just-for-fun musical style. The Badger Herald spoke with her via email on her start and marijuana use.

“[M]y mom started dating this guy who DJed and rapped and made beats and you know all kinds of stuff. He moved in and he brought all his equipment and his microphones over and we would all … make songs and stuff like that,” Kreayshawn reminisced. “And then my best friend who lived on the same block as me, she would come over and they would trust me with the equipment, which was kinda cool as a 10-year-old … letting a 10-year-old play with your 3,000 dollar [equipment]. So we got free reign, and me and my friend we would just rap forever.”

Her music became a commercial success unintentionally. After hearing “Gucci Gucci,” a Canadian production company offered to make a video for the song. Kreayshawn accepted and set off her meteoric rise to viral fame.

Although she is a young touring musician, Kreayshawn said she is not a drinker.

“I’m not a drinker! But you know I’m definitely … not like an anti-drinker; like I drink beer and I’ll get drunk, you know. I’m one of those people like, ‘I’m gonna get drunk tonight! Ya that’s my goal!’ You know, so yea I’m a Heineken, I love Heineken, we have a fridge full of Heineken right now so it’s all good. I drank like two Heinekens last night, and I was like ‘I feel funny.’ Yea but I’m a huge pothead though, huge pothead,” she said.

For those who were wondering, Kreayshawn is mum on her costume for this year’s Halloween celebration. Every other year she has, appropriately, dressed as Amy Winehouse. After the success of her first two albums, listeners can only wait for more.

The biggest draw to tonight’s show is undoubtedly Neon Indian, a Texan chill-wave artist who recently released his second album >Era Extra?a. Without comparing him to other chill-wave musicians, Neon Indian can be described as sounding like Devo with trimmed down vocals and enough reverb to make you feel like you are listening to the closing credits to “The Breakfast Club.” Think M83. The show is sure to bring in fans in bright ecstasy-friendly costumes performing grungy head-bobbing dance moves.

Music blogs hyped Neon Indian’s first release, Psychic Chasms, in 2009. Pitchfork went far enough to dub it one of the top albums of the year. Instead of playing a festival charging $200 a head, he is playing for free this Halloween weekend. Don’t miss it.

Neon Indian will be playing tonight at The Sett in Union South. Kreayshawn is opening. The show begins at 8 p.m. and is free dollars and no cents. For more information, check out the Union’s programming website at or call 608.890.3000.

Azaria Posik, the Online Media Leader for the Wisconsin Union Directorate Music Committee, contributed to the reporting of this story.