Welcome back to Madison, Badger Herald readers old and new — and furthermore welcome back to the Arts Corner. As you may remember, this cozy nook was previously occupied by editor Cailley Hammel and content editor Tony Lewis, who gracefully pointed and counterpointed with courage and ingenuity for several semesters.

We learned that Cailley idolizes all things Lady Gaga, despises the cultural force of those fist-pumpin’ “Shore” kids and that Tony will probably never understand the delicate balance of humor contained in Twenty Pound Baby from the Herald’s comics page.

While these two advance their already-successful careers and get on with their post-Herald lives — Tony is starting law school and Cailley will be finishing up her last year at UW (that is, if the David Archuleta fans don’t get to her first) — we, Sarah Witman and Ann Rivall, will be taking part in the weekly repartee that is the Arts Corner.

Sarah is beginning her second year at UW-Madison and is intending to major in Journalism. This will be her second semester working for the Herald and first as ArtsEtc. content editor. Ann is starting her senior year as a journalism student and her first as ArtsEtc. editor.

By now you may already be longing for the hints of witty cynicism of Arts editors past, but we’re confident we can win your love and affection by enlightening your worldview on pressing matters.

Although Sarah hasn’t seen as many “Lost” episodes as Tony, and certainly doesn’t wear a beard as well, she’ll do her best as content editor to make the Arts Corner a place you can turn to in their darkest hour — or simply for when “real news” gets to be too much.

While Ann doesn’t flaunt a blonde, curly, Farrah Fawcett-like head of locks or reserve a special place in her heart for Disney movies, she’ll try her best to uphold the integrity and deadpan sarcasm Cailley established many columns ago.

Each week, we’ll pick a topic that strikes us as interesting and worthy of your attention that will most likely relate to pop culture, film, on-campus events, you name it — and your lives will benefit immensely from our discourse. We’re monitoring the culture sphere when you’re too stressed to notice.

Keep reading, next week’s column will have you “corner”ed!