From the dawn of time there have been innate tendencies of sexual attraction between men and women. Men have been known to be attracted to women that look youthful and fertile (big hips and lips), while women look for protection and success to provide for a family (masculine body features and brains). It seems that what we see as “hot” and “sexy” isn’t all personal, but somewhat biological. This may be true, but we still have the ability to change our appearances through one thing… clothing. Makeup, hairstyles and a good scent can help you attract someone as well, but have a girl walk into a room with that low cut top and curve hugging jeans, and watch the men start drooling. I decided to investigate what exactly we find most attractive in the opposite sex here at the University of Wisconsin and relay the information to those who are eager for the potential hookup possibilities this weekend. Let the games begin.

Round one: Women’s take on men.

“Men don’t usually get cologne right,” said Angela Goff, 21. “They either spray it so they smell like the plague or don’t wear any at all, it seems.”

That statement pretty much sums it up, guys. The ladies I’ve talked to think men either try too hard or wear the same “Lucky” t-shirt to the bars week after week. What women really appreciate is a man putting a small effort into what he looks like. It’s a sign of respect and maturity to pack away your Hollister tees and slip on a nice button down shirt, sweater or polo when dressing to impress.

“Dark jeans that are nicely fitted in the butt and then distressed in the front look so great on boys,” Goff added.

While we’re on bottoms, remember: Don’t wear low riders that show off your boxers. Instead of looking hot, it’s like a gag reflex for girls, who will want to walk over and pull them up.

A cardinal rule: Never wear more than one polo. Any more than one makes you scream “tool swagger.”

We’ve been discussing all of the don’ts, but here’s a do: Wear watches as accessories. They’re very stylish for men and make women think that you are professional and hardworking. Also, women do notice shoes, so put on a clean pair to get an A+ in a girl’s mind.

“The kind of shoes a guy wears speaks a lot about their personality,” said Megan Bruggink, 20. As far as hair is concerned, make sure to get regular haircuts and apply as little gel as possible. Too much gel in a man’s hairdo screams less “I’m sexy” and more “I’m from the cast of ‘Jersey Shore.'”

Women recognize a man that can dress well and neatly, which doesn’t have to mean expensive clothing. If a man starts caring about the way he looks, women will notice and start thinking that he will be a much better date. So good wardrobe = possible new dates… now do I have your attention? To make it simple: Comb your hair, spray on a little cologne, throw on a nice top with dark fitted jeans, put on a belt or watch, add some clean shoes and you’re ready to go.

Round two: Men’s take on women.

When going out, “Side boob is what to look for,” said Brian Mongeau, 22. Men want to see skin because it makes them think of sex or the opportunity of sex. So what’s the first thing they look at when a woman walks into a room?

“If she’s wearing tight jeans I will look at her ass, if she’s wearing a low cut top then I’ll look at her boobs. If she’s all covered up I may actually look at her face first,” said John Whiting, 22.

Men like low-cut tops and clothing that hugs a woman’s best features. This doesn’t make them all pigs; it makes them human. It’s literally a genetic trait for men to look at a women’s chest or butt first. So what would be their words of advice?

“Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence,” said Sam Petricca, 20.

Across the board, the guys I interviewed said they like girls with their hair down and minimal makeup, or “no pancake face.” And do men really notice high heels? The answer is no!

“It’s like some unspoken standard women have among themselves, but really I won’t notice what’s on your feet. I will notice, though, when we walk home and your complaining the whole way that they hurt,” Whiting said.

“So we prep ourselves for hours and then look like we didn’t try to impress you at all? Why are men so hard to impress!” said Katie Newhart, 21. If you’re just as frustrated, don’t be — there are a few easy ways to get a guy’s attention.

So ladies, let’s start with your eyes. Men are drawn to a feminine looking face — shocker. Play up your eyes by creating a smoky-eye with black or brown eye shadows and liquid eyeliner (try out and buy cheap at Walgreens!) to create a winged effect. To do this, first prep the eye with some type of primer, like foundation or concealer, then add on the lightest color shadow you want. Apply a darker hue with an angled eye shadow brush from the middle crease of your lid away from your eye until you reach the lash line. This will define your eyes without applying too much makeup. Finally add on the liner, curl eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara. For the hair, wear it down and in loose curls. To achieve this, blow dry it upside down to add volume, and then using a 1″ curling iron curl from the root downwards.

For your outfit, men want women to show some skin, and women want to feel comfortable. To get both effects, plan around what works for your body. If you’re not a skinny jeans person, don’t force it. From there show some skin, but only enough to get a man’s imagination going. On top wear something that exposes a bare shoulder or that’s a bit low cut that’s made of silk, rayon or something soft (accentuates your softer feminine nature). On bottom, a belted pair of dark jeans always prevails. Throw on some fun accessories to add personality, spray on perfume and channel Bridget Bardot as you walk in a room.

Overall, both sexes want the same thing… to be desired. We all dress up to feel good, catch each other’s attention and hope that somewhere in Madison is a person who just might like your style.

Gina Jensen is a junior majoring in retail and is a wannabe Carrie Bradshaw. Send fashion faux pas and column ideas to [email protected]