“We’re actually doing a combined piece with the other groups, which is going to be a lot of fun.”

Wisconsin a cappella groups Fundamentally Sound, Redefined, Tangled up in Blue and the Madhatters, will share the stage Saturday as they perform a showcase bound to be filled with energy, enthusiasm and diverse genres of music.

“We hope that audiences will see the a cappella community that we are trying to build on campus,” said business manager of Fundamentally Sound, Peter Goitom. “[Singing for charity] really instills a sense of gratification. And to be able to put forth the effort with other organizations for such a good cause really makes me feel proud to be a party of the community.”

Although every group sings in the a cappella style, each one brings something different to the table to ensure this showcase will host a variety of flavors.

Our first group is all-male group Fundamentally Sound. This group of strapping young men is the most recent addition to Madison’s a cappella scene.

“Since we’re newer, we can draw from other groups and we have taken influence from other groups across the country,” Goitom said.

It’s obvious these men have put their own spin on the a cappella world, as they perform together in a rhythm and style that ignites the atmosphere for everyone in the audience. Along with their extraordinary talents, the gentlemen of Fundamentally Sound are very active in philanthropy. So far, they have done two charity events this semester including their recent performance in support of Habitat for Humanity.

The other all-male group on campus is the Madhatters. Audiences know the group as a bunch of goofy guys just making some great music, but don’t let the craziness fool you. These boys can drop a serious beat to get the audience laughing and applauding throughout the show. Their harmony and collaboration is strongly demonstrated as they tackle songs from past decades to recent top 40 hits.

Next, there’s the all-female group, Tangled Up in Blue. The group is comprised of 16 young women who, despite their graceful demeanor, can sing a fierce melody that catches the attention of any individual. These girls put together songs with intricate harmonies that balance out the group well.

“I think that most people don’t realize that all the a cappella groups are student run,” said Marly Schuman, president of Tangled Up in Blue. “All of the music directors and business directors are students.”

The last act, Redefined, is a diverse group consisting of both men and women. Being co-ed gives this group a bit of an advantage ? it allows it both to have more range and to be more versatile in the songs it chooses.

“One thing that most people wouldn’t know is that none of us are music majors, said business manager and group member Erica Nelson. “Although most of us do come from musical backgrounds.”

Listening to them, however, you would think they were all music majors. They blend and control their voices with ease and fill the stage with a melody that pleases the ears. Redefined may also be recognized for its famous “Nintendo A Cappella” on YouTube.

It’s unanimous across the board that all four groups are excited to be working together again for the third year in a row.

“It’s fun working together and kind of chaotic, but it’s definitely worth it,” Schuman said. “It’s cool to see how the other groups work.”

Proceeds from the show will be donated to the American Cancer Society by means of the Relay for Life.

“We’re all affected by cancer somehow, and it’s just the easiest way to justify the work we put into the show,” Nelson said.

Whether you want to help out a great cause, love music or just want to see all these amazing groups perform together, Saturday’s showcase is the place you should be. And for the first time in history, all four groups will be singing a large combined number that is sure to be remarkable.

“Even if you’ve never heard a cappella, you should still check out the show,” Schuman said. “It’s for a great cause and we’re doing new songs and lots of popular music.”

The “A Cappella Showcase” will be held Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Union Theater. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for general admission.