Three years have come and gone since Boys Like Girls’ self-titled debut album. The band’s first single, “The Great Escape,” along with the mega-hit “Thunder”, put this unknown Boston band on the map back in 2006. Now, this favorite rock sensation has finally popped back into the music scene with their latest CD, Love Drunk.

Boys Like Girls has managed to once again compile a batch of songs most listeners will find themselves tapping their foot to. This follow-up is similar to the band’s first album, sticking close to its rock roots while infusing a little more modern pop and even some country style. The track, “Two is Better than One” offers collaboration with Taylor Swift – the young, chart-topping country sensation. The track’s country twist and beautiful acoustic accompaniment will definitely strike a favorable chord with listeners. With these new infusions, the album is sure to attract a few bouncy teens and county folk along with the band’s normal rocker fans.

The CD’s title track, as well as tracks like “Heart Heart Heartbreak” and “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now,” provides listeners with some catchy instrumental flair, subtle but sweet guitar riffs and overheated drum beats. “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” is bound to be another fave, with its catchy chorus propelling listeners all the way to the end. Many fans of the band may find themselves walking to class with earbuds on full blast, singing along with the hook: “Lights out/ There’s no such thing as a miracle/ B’Baby don’t cry/ It’s the shot heard ’round the world.”

Although a predominantly entertaining album, most bands do still manage to record a few musical blunders, and Boys Like Girls is no exception. There are a couple tracks sprinkled throughout that manage to fall a bit flat. The songs “The First One” and “Chemicals Collide” are likely to remain relatively unknown. Both tracks stray a bit too far from the band’s normal, popular style and seem to get lost beneath their stronger companions. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the too-too pop-y track “Contagious” might be a bit over the top for easy-rock listeners. Yet, each song’s carefully crafted and insightful lyrics may be the saving grace for their less than ideal instrumental accompaniments.

Even with a slew of upbeat, engaging and generally crowd-pleasing tracks, Boys Like Girls’ new album may be in the very same danger as other CDs within the modern pop-rock style. With the genre continuously churning out new hits from a number of popular bands, most albums are quick to fall out of vogue with each passing week, as the top 10 spots on the charts are replaced. Like the album’s title track, listeners may just be “love drunk” until they click off their iPods and the musical cocktail wears off. Still, as the summer comes to a close, Love Drunk is definitely worth a listen. Besides, who doesn’t like a good buzz?

4 stars out of 5.