Hump Day: I love my ex. We can’t ever seem to really break up. The sex is so great! We fight, but then makeup…. I can’t seem to leave him. What should I do? -Distressed and Horny.

Well “distressed and horny” you have to ask yourself do you really like this guy for his personality and other characteristics we’re supposed to like people for, or do you just like the animalistic back clawing sweat dripping making up? (In the assumed position…[hah!]…that the sex is like that…it’s always like that in movies) Sometimes we want the sex just for the momentary connection to someone and not because we actually want them back. You have to remember, you can get sex from anyone! Granted it will not be as special as with the one you care for but the connection won’t be as fleeting. So, are you in it for the sex, or for him? If it’s just sex I’d say break it off and find a new flame to light your fire. Happy Humping!