While Nickelback’s “Rockstar” idolized rock stars in a joking way, the band actually manages to become rock stars on their latest album, Dark Horse. After listening to songs such as “Burn It To The Ground,” “S.E.X,” “Something in Your Mouth” and “Next Go Round,” it seems as if Nickelback is trying to earn a reputation as a hard rock band and succeeds with the darker tones, electric guitar solos and occasional heavy metal attempts Dark Horse has to offer.

The first single of their new album, “Gotta Be Somebody,” was most likely released because of its similarity to their other popular singles with a catchy, upbeat chorus. It does diverge from its predecessors, however, with an unusual introduction that includes vibrating instruments and a melody of sweet-sounding voices. The only turnoff is the abrupt ending, although that may be the band’s attempt to leave listeners wanting more. Another song that resembles their usual hits is “If Today Was Your Last Day.” It has a catchy beat as well, but unlike “Gotta Be Somebody,” it wastes no time jumping into the lyrics of the song.

Not only is there variety in the musical elements of Nickelback’s songs on Dark Horse, but the content of their songs is diverse as well. For example, the song “If Today Was Your Last Day” talks about “try[ing] to take the path less traveled” in life and challenges listeners on what they would do “if today was your last day.” The song “Burn It To The Ground” is about acting crazy, and “Gotta Be Somebody” is about finding love.

Over the span of their six-album history, Nickelback has won awards for categories such as “World’s Best Rock Group,” “Breakthrough Artist,” “Best Rock Group” and “Favorite Pop/Rock Album.” As a whole, Dark Horse is a diverse album that includes pop, rock and hard rock music that appeal to a wider audience.

3 stars out of 5