Last Thursday, Lotus beat out the eardrums of hundreds of students during an incredible live show that brought down the house and kicked off Halloween weekend in an explosive way. The show was Lotus’ first at the Majestic Theatre, which provided a prime space for an audience that clearly wanted to dance. Because of Lotus’ genre mixing and varied sound, an equally eclectic mix of audience members filled the Majestic’s dance floor. In one area, there was a small glow-stick-bracelet-sporting raver faction, while another space found a strong dreadlock presence. Yet, it wasn’t so crowded that getting a drink was impossible, but it was packed enough to make audience members’ drunken antics a more enjoyable experience. The opening act, Unwed Sailor, was a nice addition to the tour and had a chill, experimental sound. It was more laid back and helped the audience prepare their bodies for a night of dancing and debauchery. Lotus, however, definitely followed Unwed Sailor’s relaxing sound with a highly energetic set. Not only did they keep the hot beats coming throughout the first set, but their light effects and technical shows were serious endeavors. "We bring our own disco ball," Mike Rempel, Lotus’ guitarist, told the crowd. The only drawback was the lack of fog due to venue restrictions, which were so strict that hardcore fans with their own smoke machines were asked to leave. Though this smoky element isn’t something that is completely crucial to the performance, it normally has a very complementary effect on dancing. "I’ve seen Lotus a few times; they always put on a good live act and there’s usually at least 39 kids ready to do it very big," said concert-goer Joe Madden in reference to the loyal troupe of fans who filled the dance floor. Although people could be seen at the bar or around the upper balcony, the dance floor was hit the hardest. The first set began with solid energy, which slowly wound down. Overall, the first part of this show was a bit more eclectic and a tad more laidback. There were definitely some heavy songs that required the power of their pounding speakers. The second set, however, was all about getting down hard. Luke Miller, the rhythm and keys player, frequently switched between the two instruments and applied on a crazy effect that blended with the bass and drums perfectly. The end of the second set brought an unexpected surprise. Fans that stuck around were rewarded with a sweet cover of the "Legend of Zelda" theme song, which was just another crazy little sample from this group of electronica jammers. "It’s just kind of a cool thing that everyone knows, but maybe not right away," said Miller. Lotus also had an interesting setup: Two drummers in the back, with a strong rhythm guitar, allowed the lead to switch melodies without changing too much. Rempel returned to a certain melody every few minutes of straight-play and caused the crowd to erupt in an explosion of cheers. Jesse Miller’s bass lines also kept everyone’s feet moving with its little bit of uncompromising funk. Lotus has a tight sound and would make any party a dance party. Their encore was just that little extra something that ended the night on a good note. With their electronica symphonic works and entertaining-though-subdued light show, Lotus did it right for a Thursday night in Madison.