"I’m lovin’ it" is not just one of McDonalds' current slogans — it's also the impression that Relient K and The Last Goodnight left on satisfied listeners Tuesday night.

As the bass and guitar chords echoed through the streets of Capital Square, college students and interested passersby flooded into the concert gates at the intersection of Mifflin and State Streets. The Last Goodnight, a Connecticut-based band, opened the show despite technical difficulties. "Pictures of You," from the first single, had the crowd rockin’ out to the rhythmic beat and unique, meaningful lyrics.

"Our sound is a high fash' pop rock," Ely Rise, piano and vocals, said.

The band essentially began when lead guitarist Mike Nadeau and lead singer Kurtis John met at a high school party and started to play the coolest, fastest songs they could in order to show off to girls at the house, explained John.

The Last Goodnight ended set with "Return to Me," one of the band’s personal favorites. The Last Goodnight left the stage and the crowd immediately swelled and pushed forward toward the stage in anticipation of Relient K.

The moment Relient K emerged from their tent backstage, the crowd — especially the women — went wild. Lead vocalist Matthew Thiessen's entrance on stage caused the crowd to erupt in screaming, clapping and the random shouts of "I love you." Almost every person in the audience was snapping pictures with their cameras or phones, and it was unmistakable that the crowd favorite was Relient K.

Throughout the performance, every member of the audience was jumping up and down as if in a massive mosh pit, clapping hands in sync with Relient K and singing along to each song, word for word with the band. After several songs, Relient K also began to have technical difficulties. Thiessen decided to end the concert early, much to the crowds' disappointment, but when the stage technicians got his guitar working again, Relient K was back out and ready to play.

Relient K invited Phil Carper, a long-standing fan, to help play guitar for their final song, "Sadie Hawkins Dance," which was an audience favorite.

"I’ve been listening to Relient K since I was in sixth grade, and I’m in a band, Alakrity, that used to cover this song," Carper said. "It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life."

"We have been really blessed," drummer Dave Douglassaid. "We are so thankful that people like our music."

Relient K is taking off the next couple days and then heading to Boise, Idaho and Ft. Collins, Colo. The Last Goodnight will be returning to Madison to perform at Club Majestic on Oct. 6. Concert clips and voting for a favorite artist or band are available online at mcdlive.com.