It is said that students on the UW-Madison campus always complain that there is nothing to do in Madison except drink. Kadence, a Madison/Milwaukee-based student band that performs at Luther’s Blues Tuesday, looks to change this. If rock and folk with a bit of Celtic flavor is your type of music, here is the chance to listen to something original.

Nowadays it’s difficult to find an original rock or folk band with talent and passion for music. Kadence, however, offers the diverse instrumentation of viola, piano, guitar, bass and percussion. Each member of the group comes from a different musical background and a variety of musical influences; these differences collaborate into the band’s lyrics, sounds, rhythm and tunes.

Before joining as Kadence, lead singer and guitarist Scott Starr independently wrote songs for a solo acoustic project. Starr later united with UW-Madison Symphony Orchestra’s first-chair violist, Shauncey Ali, and self-taught pianist Teddy Pedriana, a student at UW-Milwaukee. Following this collaboration, an eight-song demo, “Caught in a Butterflynet” was created.

In its attempt to revive rock, folk, good musicians, and less bubblegum-produced music, the band can be seen as similar to Counting Crows or Dave Matthews Band. Bass player, Jeff Bail explains, “We’re trying to bring back ‘tasteful’ songwriting into the vast musical wasteland of today. No more over-produced corporate groups with little musical talent … we get back to the roots of rock, folk, and the classical genre of the past to form our own unique sound.”

With songs like “Rest Easy,” “Long Road,” and “Adeline” (which can be downloaded from the band’s website,, Kadence has been gifted with the songster’s touch.

Scott Starr says, “We have amazing talent. The guys in the group are phenomenal … all basically self-taught. We believe in the music that we play, and we’re doing this because we love it. We want to take what we create and reach as many people as we can. That’s what this is all about.”

Kadence, trying to publish and promote its originality, has recently performed at Rejos Tunes and Eatery in Milwaukee and the UW-Milwaukee Ballroom. Currently recording its debut album, band members expect the CD to be out by the end of spring.

Check out Kadence at Luther’s Blues March 12


Upcoming performances

Tuesday, March 12 — CBS Live at 5 p.m.

Tuesday, March 12 — Luther’s Blues, 9p.m. $5 cover charge

Saturday, April 6 — Conway’s Bar (Milwaukee, Wisc.)

More dates TBA, check the website for updated listings.

**Kadence is currently working on a new album to come out spring/summer ’02**

Check out the band’s website,