Since By Man, one of Milwaukee’s up and coming hardcore bands, is posed to sign a breakthrough record deal with legendary hardcore label Revelation Records by the end of the week.

The maniacal screamo gurus have been courting the label ever since they caught the ear of a Revelation Records PR rep at one of their high paced, adrenaline-soaked shows during their summer tour last year in southern California.

“We got the negotiations pretty much wrapped up with Revelation. Now we just need to go over the details?we should get two LPs and an EP out of the deal, plus they want to remaster and reissue all our old recordings on their label with new artwork and album covers.” said Sam Macon, the bands charismatic and flamboyant vocalist.

The contract with Revelation Records also includes a speculated $3,000 production budget for the band’s next album. Next month the boys plan to get busy behind the mixing board, writing and recording new material for an album that will be released at the beginning of their 8-week U.S. tour, planned for fall of 2002.

“We really want to work with a good producer and studio on our next album. We might go with the Red House, in Kansas City where The Get Up Kids have worked. That studio consistently turns out good albums. More importantly we want to work with a good producer like Ross Robertson. Ross has a marvelous sound, and has produced spectacular albums with bands like Korn and At The Drive In. We just want to find a producer who has enthusiasm for the project,” said Sam.

Since By Man has been around since 1999 and has always drawn a loyal crowd of fans here in Madison eager to witness the sometimes shocking but always energetic spectacle this rawkus fivesom delivers.

Since By Man will perform February 8 at the Logmen Center in Mequon, Wisconsin with Seven Days Of Sansara and several other hardcore bands. For more info about the band, visit